Third Echelon

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Third Echelon
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Third Echelon
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Abbreviation: TE
Group Numbers: Classified
Leadership: IHaveABomb-(Commander)
Goals: To destroy communists, PKers, Zombies, Terrorists, Osama Bin-Laden, and to help the Human race in the process.
Recruitment Policy: [Third Echelon Recruitment]
Contact: Us on the Radio (28:97) or our [Forum]


Third Echelon was founded by the merging of the two groups FOXHOUND SPEC OPS GROUP and Boutcher Ally Police Force.You can find our Main H.Q in Pitneybank inside The MacMillan Hotel.

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
The Third Echelon has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency:28.97 MHz

Main Objectives

Recruitment Policy

We prefer;

1. Someone who can play Urban dead actively.

2. Someone who can post on the forum actively.

3. Someone who is not a stupid player.

Nobrain.png Ban Stupidity
This user or group does not tolerate stupid people.

Are you Interested in joining? So sign up here. [Third Echelon Recruitment]

Stalker.jpg Third Echelon (Member)
This user is a Proud Member of Third Echelon.

To use this template, use the code: {{Third Echelon (Member)}}

Join Third Echelon Today!.


  • Members of Third Echelon will not Grief - Griefing of Zombies is ok.
  • Members of Third Echelon will not PK - Only Bounty Hunters (Splinter Cells) can PK.
  • Members of Third Echelon will not Zerg - Only character in this group at a time.
  • Members of Third Echelon will not GK - Nobody likes GKers.
  • Members of Third Echelon will not RK - Nobody likes RKers.
  • Members of Third Echelon will not Combat Revive
  • Members of Third Echelon will not Use dishonest strategies to gain private group information.

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