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Starting Occupation: Medic
Favourite Melee Weapon: Never uses melee. Allways have ammo.
Favourite Firearm: Shotgun
Favourite Equipment: Revivification Syrgine
Goals: Kill so much as possible.
Area: Pennville
Group Membership: Game-Cavemen | GRR!
Urban Dead profile


Current Status: Killing PFM & Assholes (like Starbright)

Location: Pennville

Current Level: 41

Current Xp: 1460

Alignment: Patriotic Sociopath

Basic story

I started playing UD 27.2.2006 around 8 o'clock. You could say that I was one of the original founders of GCM ( Ideologically mostly ). I intensively played UD for couple weeks , but then something came up and I didin't played for a month. Officially I joined GCM 4 April 2006. After that I have allways been with my group. I'm also member of GCM Radical Redeemers. GRR! was started by some more fanatical GCM members. It works with secrecy under the name of Game-Cavemen. All it's members are or were part of GCM. This group however is not NOT officially part of GCM and should not be mixed with it.

My redeemed people

This is the list of all people I have redeemed in the name of GRR!

  1. Ethan Rayne was assra**d with shotgun by me (August 7th 2006)
  2. Piz was assra**d with pistol by me (August 7th 2006)
  3. King HPOTD was brutally executed by me (August 8th 2006)
  4. cineraryone was mistakenly tortured to death by me (August 9th 2006)
  5. HeadShotOmega was strangled to death by me (August 10th 2006)
  6. KB Daniels was killed for revenge by me (August 11th 2006)
  7. Frank Kenobi was slain by me (August 13th 2006)
  8. KB Daniels was blasted to pieces by me (August 14th 2006)
  9. Conan II was smashed by me (August 14th 2006)
  10. Moyes turned into a hamburger by me (September 6th 2006)
  11. Hell's Collector was just originally killed by me (September 7th 2006)
  12. Solos continues my killing spree (September 13th 2006)
  13. Mattias was finished by me (September 14th 2006)
  14. KB Daniels was killed for fun by me (September 15th 2006)


September 21 2006 Some asshole called Starbright killed my TeamMate Carabia , and ex-pfm member HeadShotOmega ( GCM loves him now :) ). Of course , I killed him.

September 15 2006 FUN FUN FUN ! Killing is fun. Added 2 more victims.

September 14 2006 Someone is realy ... Something ... : " --Wich was nearly ended when Phillip Marlowe caught up to him later. Fortunately for our hero, Marlowe decided he wasn't worth killing. Hell, he wasn't even worth the five or six bullets Marlowe put into him before he changed his mind. He let him keep the used bullets anyway; let it never be said that Phillip Marlowe wasn't a charitable soul at heart. "

September 13th 2006 School realy take's too much of my time ... GCM is going to taking Fort Perry back today , but some motherfucker's have barricaded VH ...

September 6th 2006 Finaly , PFM kill. My tenth , and certanly not the last. Again , starting really hunting down PFM.

August 29th 2006 Zombie invasion is tiring. No GRR! Kill's for long time.

August 20th 2006 Pennville is rising from the ashes. GCM is all good now , perhaps we need ammunition and FAKs but still , we are okay. Perhaps thoses cute little bunnys will start operating soon again :)

August 15th 2006 The Big Bash destroyed our HQ and killed many of our members. I was revived after my singing solo @ cemetery. I also revived Niilomaa. Now hiding.

August 14th 2006 Killing , killing and more killing. Killed KB Daniels again , also new victim to my list - Conan II. I wasn't expecting a double kill today, but why not. HQ is still in perfect condition. We won't run away ! We won't give up !

August 13th 2006 Now Frank Kenobi lies dead becouse of his foolisnes. He was still on GRR!'s enemy list , even he probably isn't a PFM enymore. I won't going to kill him again , unless he will attack a member of GCM or GRR!.

August 12th 2006 *Sniff* No PFM kill today *Sniff* I had to search ammo

August 11th 2006 I got my revenge. KB Daniels killed me , now I killed him. But we ain't even yet. From every GRR! kill there will be 5 PFM kills.

August 10th 2006 Another day , another kill. It's getting harder to find those PFM motherf**kers. But we will find them , yes we will my precious *loads pistol*. Amount of our soldiers just increases , prepare to die ...

GRRbunny.jpg GRR!-badge
This user has killed least one PFM member in the name of GRR!
Finland flag.png FROM FINLAND
Part of the great Republic of Finland.
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user supports the Sacred Ground Policy.
Ninja.gif Ninja
This user flips out and kills people. Ninjas are so totally awesome!
Gun.jpg Trigger Happy
This user has guns. Do not cross them.
Upside down USA.PNG America Sucks
This user does not support America
Concert.jpg Zombie Karaoke
This undead user enjoys serenading survivors when visiting safehouses.
Anime flag.jpg Anime Lover
This user loves anime and is a devoted otaku.
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