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I SEE YOU, CHOCOLATE MAN! is a graffiti tag seen throughout Malton. Sometimes seen with the BLADES IS WATCHIN' tag.

One example of this graffiti around Malton.

What the hell?

Some say they've seen this graffiti already in Malton years ago. But it wasn't until late August/early September 2010 that it started appearing with more regularity.


How it all started, however, is anyone's guess.

  • The Black Man Theory

A long time ago, there were two people who were good friends. One of them was white, and the other was black. Then something went terribly wrong. How it all went down isn't altogether clear. But what is clear is that the black man did something to become a become a mortal enemy of the white guy. Maybe the black guy stole something. Maybe he said a bad joke and the other took it wrong. Or maybe the white guy was just paranoid. But from then on, it is said, he never did get over it and would spraypaint this message as a humorous way to threaten or taunt said victim.

  • The Candy Man Theory

It has also been said that the tag was created when an individual bought some chocolate, only to discover it was rancid. From then on he vowed to track down the candy man who was undoubtedly evil.

Is this man responsible for the infamous graffiti? Most likely. But probably not.
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