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Who is Disc10?

Disc10 had a comfortable life in Malton, when he was in it. Often he left the city to go traveling somewhere. Unfortunately he returned just before the outbreak occurred, and was trapped in the city when "the boarder" went up. Being Disc10, he planned to tunnel out of the city (a la great escape), but got a surprise attack from a zombie and turned. since then He has been wandering the city, feeding on harmanz and destroying their homes.

Disc10 is here somewhere. This photo was taken by a brave survivor documenting the events in Malton before he and his team were devoured. The only survivor of that attack was an elusive character called CCC Disc10...

That was a long time ago now, after exploring the city, and feeding on many bra!nz, Disc10 has grown as a zed. Now the zombie turns to more dangerous, more bountiful feeding ground. This led him to discover a military squad escorting a group of scientists who where conducting vile experiments on zombies and humans alike. Of course he did read "WARNING CONTAINS C-VIRUS*! HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS!!!" but his rotted brain failed to acknowledge the information when fresh meat was making it's way to him.

He watched as about 5 or 6 individuals, zombie and human alike, get injected with some sort of liquid, a kind of cheap ass gold/silver colour, and the figures convulsed and changed. One of the scientists mumbled something about "disgusting" and "chavs". Then one of the military shouted "ZED! SHOOT!", and they all opened fire on you. Not that he minded much. Panic and surprise impaired their firing ability and barely slowed his advance. Disc10 grabbed one of the scientists and ripped his neck apart. His screams called more zeds to the area and soon all of the humans were dead. Then they turned on the mutations. Some say a scientist escaped the madness of that attack, and some say that scientist now calls himself CCC Disc10...

Now Disc10 continues to wander the streets, hunting down food and rallying the hordes if he needs a hand with the highly barricaded tinned food, often singing the kizombie version of row row row your boat as inspiration.

Disc10 is in a more advanced state of decay. Blood of its many victims are stained in its clothes. There are many bullet holes and claw wounds on it. Disc10 has recently been seen helping rally other zombies.

What is Disc10 doing right now?

Disc10 has been reported to be over at Fort Feral. Disc10 will try to help out his horde, the Feral Undead, as they lurch across the city, devouring all they meet.

What to do if you come across Disc10

Run like hell, or hope you like being eaten. Disc10 will listen to those talking to him, so if you DO want to talk, he might reply in kizombie.

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