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I was once, one of the leaders of the South Paynterton Aces, providing heals and revives in Paynterton and somewhat Starlingtown. I was Head of Starlingtown operations. And despite how many times I am PKed I refuse to PK another player. Sorry, but I believe that if its going to stop, it has to start with one person not seeking revenge.

In December 2008 I officially stepped down as the Startingtown leader of the Aces.




My main account. Has been a member of the Aces for almost three years now, and I've even became Co-Leader along with Diano. She was Leader of Starlingtown Operations, as such she can be found in and around the The Veryard Building. As stated, I stepped down from my duties as a leader, but I still hang around. Actually the second account I made of UrbanDead, but for some reason I've just never kept up with the other one and this one survived.

DJ EzriSun

The Ace's hold the 28.28 radio frequency, and we used to make regular random broadcasts. However, we kinda got kicked out of our old home and had to find a new one, which never really did happen. So this character is really just kicking around doing nothing. Currently she's dead and she'll stay that way till I feel like getting her revived, snice she doesn't do much of anything.


Originally my brother's account that I ended up taking over. Its a zombie account which is different for me, and my only zombie account. Mostly played when I'm really bored since zombies get away with just about anything.


If my memory is correct, I created this account not too long after EzriSun originally. When Ezri joined the Aces however, I just kinda left her and really didn't do much with her till recently. I may send her to Fort Creedy, because, well I've always wanted to hang out at a fort. However she does need to level.


January 16, 2008 - Working on Starlingtown. The suburb could be easily taken back if more people show up. Starting to take a more leading role in it. I'm going to be working on a barricading plan for the suburb, which needs a lot of organization.

Dec. 28/07 - Wow, can't believe I've been with the South Paynterton Aces for a year now. Officially one of the two leaders of the group, in charge of Starlingtown, however little goes on there and there really isn't a lot of Aces in there either so mostly hanging around the border between Starlingtown and Paynterton.

Character Bios

Aces.jpg South Paynterton Aces
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