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A tall 6'2 man with a slender body. His hair is jet black and slicked back, and even though it may be nighttime he is wearing black sunglasses. He wears a blood-stained suit, but his black dress shoes look like they were recently polished.


Guise Guyington lived a normal life, his childhood consisted of him having two loving parents and a brother Guy Guyington (pronounced GEE). At the age of 15 Guise got heavily into drugs, primarily taking a strange narcotic from South America which his brother had been able to obtain. Though he used the drug heavily he was able to continue a normal life. Soon after highschool his brother lost contact with the family, but Guise continued with his life paying little attention to this. He went through college and became a businessman. He eventually became a very powerful man in a large company, but then Z-Day hit. His family was killed early and he did not know what to do. He turned his thoughts to his brother Guy and began to search for him. To this day he is still searching.

Due to his obsession with the drug he has developed severe schizophrenia and so he seems out of touch with the world around him as if everything could just be a dream.

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