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A random zombie filler thingy by gurlgoinghost.jpg
Joined: 2005-12-19 18:02:04
Character class: Military
Favorite equipment: Pistol, shotgun and a flare gun
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Military
Character group: Ghost-squad
Character stats: Whut?
Journal: "No journal" for Gurlgoinghost


"Has short, brown helmet hair, hazel eyes, pretty but kind of aggressive and doesn't really trust many. is most likely talking to you or smashing your head in with a book."

Leader of the ghost- Squad

Gurlgoinghost is an obvious Urban DEAD player always whizzing around Malton learning of the game each day, school or not, to better herself in killing skills to use on zombies, gaining XP to someday obtain healing powers, and find a place to call home in this oddly green-shaded world.

Gurlgoinghost's old home before it was under seige was Fennessy place police Department. She's currently in hiding from Zombies that are trying to track her down in revenge of past occasions. She was last seen in the Marshment Place Police Department as was told by some zombie spies. Unfortunately G.G.G. was PKed by a serious pecker named MrWinters. Untill she was revived by Confused1 her spiritual cousin like the rest of her buds in the group, she was a zombie who needed reviving.

Now you know G.G.G. You must be asking, "who or what the f*** is 'the Ghost-Squad'?!" Simple! A nickname people have knighted them after seeing them work together with full APs and guns! or anything medical or necrotech related.... Confused1, winterghost, ZOOMBEHS and Ajent ghost all help do their part in the group we know as Ghost Squad too. Lately they just scramble to keep things flowing smoothly umongst the people they live with.

The whole area they are trapped in has been invaded by the Ridleybank Resistance Front you see....


Last seen 1-13-06 through 1-15-06: Recooperating from infection, she's been hiding in an old school.

Last seen 1-16-06: On her way to a new PD as she is escaping the zeds that found her out.

Last seen 1-17-06: Lying outside her betraying PD as she waits for a reviver…

Last seen 1-18-06: Even though she's not revived, she still kills time by thwacking nearby zeds with her pipe.

Last seen 1-20-06: Tiring of waiting for a reviver, she has at the zombies with a swipe, a pipe to the head, and normally a bite on the shoulder… yum, zombies… Is currently getting fighting lessons from three trusted fellow zombies she knew as a human.

Last seen late 1-20-06: Now that her PD has been overrun, she bides her time listening and trying to decode zombish, waiting for a chance to move on to a revive point.

Last seen 1-23-06: Impatient to wait for help, she and her possy migrate west back to peppardville. I'm not telling where… this time she's hopeful her trek will be worthwhile.

Last seen 1-27-06: She and her possy wander around a Memorial in Roftwood hungry for revenge on the living dead. Is currently planning for the next attack.

Last seen 2-1-06: She and her possy of 3 other zeds have found a home in a mansion to protect against zombies for passing humans. They have also voulenteered for a group finally. 1

Last seen 2-8-06: After a few zeds penetrate and destroy the couple of humans trying to hide with the four, She and her possy sadly sulk to a new location in defeat. G.G.G. quickly sees that her wait for revival could be over as she has found a clinic! As her doubts are flushed away she drags her possy to the clinic fr a freebie…

Last seen 2-15-06: Only winter, Ajent and zoombehs were revived. unforunately, They were sick and died from infection. G.G.G., ironically untouched by scientists, decided to they needed to move on to another location after giving up looking for a revive from a doctor there. Their last hope for a cure on the other hand, was recently infected and hopes SHE doesn't die as well…

Last seen 2-18-06 to 2-22-06: The four suck it up and decide to do a full trek after they are assured Confused has syringes. they make it to the NT building in Spicer Hills and are greeted with a jab to the neck almost as soon as they set foot there. After they were brought into the land of the living as well, Winter got a job as a Necrotech employee and ZOOMBEHS for all reasons became a cop. Ajent the fellow Private is just glad to feel her pulse. G.G.G.? She's just tired from her little adventure and is glad to see friendly faces again…

Last seen 10-16-06: Her crew had tasty brains, but she was nowhere to be seen.

File:Pig copy.jpg The pig has whizzed on you

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DevantART: Gurlgoinghost

[The player that never was...]

I don't care about him any more but still: kill on sight! MrWinters

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