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Umbrella Corp.gif

UrbanDead Achievements

"Welcome To The Umbrella Corporation. Our Business Is Life Itself."

Soilder-Angel.jpg Soul Survivor (100pts)
This user has all 22 Human Skills.
PistolHeadShot.jpg Pistol Proficient (50pts)
This User has killed over 50+ Zombies with their Pistol.
ShotgunHeadShot.jpg Talented Two-Shot (50pts)
This User has killed over 50+ Zombies with their Shotgun.
WinMall.jpg Check Out! (50pts)
This User helped defend a mall in Malton.
1 urban.jpg Urban Survivalist (50pts)
This User actually spent the night in a ransacked building without Zombies finding them.
Item FirstAidKit.jpg LIFE SUPPORTER (50pts)
This user effectively healed their companion(s) when they were close to death in an onslaught zombie encounter.
Knock-Out.jpg Total Knock Out! (10pts)
This User successfully killed a Zombie with their Bare Hands.
Pkdaythumb.jpg Body Count
Jackson has killed over 9000 zombies.
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