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Background History

The origins of how former President Jackson was introduced into the Umbrella Corporation are few and hard to find, what is known are the rumors from employees and those who had survived the 'incident' inside the Umbrella Labs.

According to some, Jackson was introduced introduced to Umbrella By Albert Wesker. According to Wesker, he was the son of a Mother and Father whom were both employed by Umbrella and met "untimely deaths" in a freak accident when both were working on the latest development of a chem-rad (Chemical Radiation) resistance liquid (meant to be ingested), anyway they had been engulfed in a chemical fire which the sprinkler system was not equipped to put out. Their was somewhat of a resemblance even though the boy was young, about 10. Wesker told us all that, "...the boy was to be looked after" and, place him in the test lab confinements of Delta-4. Horrible place for a human being, don't get me wrong, we fed him well and made a decent living quarter out of the cell that confined him but, in Delta-4 also resides the "subject: X" or subjects who failed to combine with the new protein that Dr. Birkin had been testing on patients. These patients were no longer men, nor animal, nor even plant. The screams, groans, and roars would have been terrorizing for any child to hear day and night. Jackson for the first few months did appear a little disconnected from reality, we had installed sound proof material, but was very eerily somber especially after the installation. He behaved little like a child, yes the environment was not really suitable but having observed him for the time we had he appeared all calm and collected. He had been the subject of many experiments from several top Umbrella scientists introducing some proteins or virus into his next meal. Birkin had taken interest in the boy and about a week later top officials along with Wesker took control of the operation. The boy was to be moved to a new facility and just my luck I was appointed as the unit chef.

Not too much time passed that the boy was subjected or forcefully volunteered for another of Birkin's experiments. I did not see the boy for quite some time. The experiment was a "success" or so we were told by Birkin and top Umbrella scientists. I found out the details that after injecting him with the new virus, not fully knowing whether or not one had to die by contact with another infected member, that Wesker had to keep him under watch for several days, locked in the secure testing facility about two clicks south from our own. After about a month with no results he decided it was time that more drastic measures be taken and so he attempted to recreate the same administration of death he had once recieved. To make sure that Jackson wasn't killed without the possibility of being revived by the virus, he secured a Hunter-Alpha in a cage and forced the subject Jackson, via electric shock, to get close to the Hunter in order to cause the subject to be impaled by the creature. According to the staff the subject Jackson died and there was a long insecure pause of silence believing that the subject would simply die and then reanimate as a zombie but he did not. For a few years of Jackson's new life was closely monitored. Dr. Birkin and Wesker eventually released him from the labs and adopted him as a surrogate son. The new members of Wesker's motley crew of professionals assigned to Wesker and Dr. Birkin assumed that Jackson was simply a clone to Wesker. They were amazed at the child but asked nothing of it as if they already knew as much as I had. Dr. Birkin was excited over her new son not in that warm way a parent does for a child but in that way a gun fanatic gets when they're at a gun show...

Former Umbrella Corporation President, Jackson
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