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KingJabbaDaButt - Sergeant Jax - Sir Nedra Notron

KingJabbaDaButt #2308326




KingJabbaDaButt was a crime lord in the surrounding territories of Malton.

For years he had stored up resources for a planned operation of his: Operation: Loot Malton. He got his gang's together and tried to fly over the Malton quarantine border. Unfortunately, the Military's grip on the region was still strong. KingJabbaDaButt's gangs were quickly overtaken by military helicopters. All of his ships and helicopters were destroyed. King was the first one across, so he was one of the only survivor

Due to the failed operation, the few other survivors of King'a gangs abandoned King. They left the Quarlesbank Rendezvous Location and started looting the city on their own accord. Unfortunately, most of them were zombified before they could get much looting done. King saw that he was alone, so he just took it upon himself to claim Pitman Mansion. He gathered what resources he could easily find, and barricaded himself in. He stays in the mansion most of the time, and he only leaves when he sees new "Business" opportunities


King's main location is at Pitman Mansion, While he has been spotted at locations such as the Coram Building. He is quite a traveler. .

Sergeant Jax #2308326

Sergeant Jax.jpg

Sergeant Jax


Sergeant Jax was in the military of Malton.

Sergeant Jax lived in Malton for years prior to the outbreak. Then, in 2005, the outbreak occurred. Jax was able to get himself stationed outside fo the city, and for years he lived outside of Malton, living in relative tranquility. But, that wouldn't last. One day, Jax's superiors said that his battalion was moving into the Malton Quarantine Zone.

jax's battalion moved into the Penny Heights suburb of Malton. They were supposed to check the status of decay for the city. Unfortunately, a decent-sized horde attacked the soldiers during their analysis. Most of the soldiers were killed, and those who escaped were sick. Unfortunately, Jax wasn't so lucky. He was zombified. For years, he just stood there, a zombified mess, dead to the world around him, until one fateful day he was injected with a random syringe


Upon his revival, Jax evacuated to the nearest inportant structure, which was Joachim Mall. From there, he tried to radio his superiors, and found the frequency was blocked. Next he tried getting to Fort Perryn to find the members of his battalion. All he found was horde after horde. Finally, he just ended up setting down at Joachim, and living his life.

Sir Nedra Notron #2308326

Sir Nedra Notron.jpg

Sir Nedra Notron


Sir Nedra Notron is one of the last living lords in Malton.

Nedra Notron was a tv anchor who was also a good friend of the queen's. He and the queen became good friends, and Nedra even performed an unnamed task for the queen. The queen offered to give Nedra something, and Nedra announced that he wanted to be knighted. So, the queen knighted him. He became Sir Nedra Notron. Carrying that title, he soon became a leader of the news and broadcasting industry. He was a titan, and nothing could bring him down. Except Malton

When Sir Nedra Notron got the news of the Malton Incident, he couldn't stop fantasizing about covering it. Over a decade after the incident, his opportunity came. He was given military clearance to visit the quarantine zone. So, he and his fellow reporters were flown into the Malton area. Once they arrived, they started filming. But, during the filming process, they were ambushed by survivors. The survivor's shotgunned all of the broadcasters. SIr Nedra Notron narrowly escaped, but many of his coworkers weren't so lucky.


Once he escaped his attackers, he tried to find the nearest power station, so he could call a radio back. He found Tolman Power Station. Unfortunately, it was inaccessible, and he was overtaken by the undead. After many deaths, Nedra finally conceded to leaving the Power Station, and he went to Fort Creedy. When he made it to Creedy, he helped retake the fort, and he continually maintained a broadcast on the forts Secure Channel.