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Recipe-pancake fruity.jpg pancakes!
This user or group supports pancakes!. Killing zeds in the name of baked goods.

Yes I love pancakes

The v.jpg Remember the 5th of November
This user or group supports the vendetta against the undead of Ridleybank.


Pronounced - (Keer-eeg-vold)

I am the leader of Die Angriff-Maschine. Our group is in favor of doing good towards the survivor cause and suppressing those who try to crush it.

Our Forum - Forum

Our Wiki - Die Angriff-Maschine

Our awards for our member's achievements are awesome as hell. Join in the killing! All undead will fall to you on their rotten knees as a member of The Machine! |m|_

Fuckoff1ac3.jpg It's Just a Game, Douche-Bag
This User Is Sick Of The Word "Trenchcoater" and The Attitude That It Represents
URL of character image if available
Joined: November 20, 2006
Character class: Civilian, level 29
Favorite equipment: shotgun, FAK
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Alive
Character group: Die Angriff-Maschine
Character stats: Kills - Lost count, but more than 50 now.
Deaths - Lost count of that too, but no more than 15 probably
Journal: no journal for Kyrygvald
Guitar-cookie.jpg Malton Music Industry
This user or group is part of the Malton Music Industry or supports their music making. And they get a free cookie!

Rakista.jpg Music Is Life
This user or group is a Musician.