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Quick Info
Pkdaythumb.jpg Body Count
Ryan Rocksmith has killed 51 zombies.
FAK.jpg Heal Count
This user has successfully healed 411 survivors.
E=mc2.jpg Logic and Reason
This user rates the power of Logic and Reason over a shotgun any day.
NoLOL.png Grammar
This user or group supports the use of proper grammar and spelling on the Wiki.
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user supports the Sacred Ground Policy.
Ubpicon1.gif UBP Supporter
This User supports the Uniform Barricading Policy.
TheOpportunists s.png The Opportunists
This user or group supports opportunistic behavior.
Rise.GIF Prevent the up?rising
This user believes that playing Whack-A-Mole with zombies is plain retarded.

Ryan Rocksmith has made it all the way to level 43 and is not working on more, because he really has no use for Brain Rot. He is currently developing roleplaying backstory to compliment the assortment of userboxes on on his page. Or so he claims!

Ryan is quite angry about this:

Ryan is quite angry about this:

They struck again:

Useful but Poorly Formatted Information

I've been compiling this data on searches and figured I'd share it. It looks nice in Notepad but ugly here. I'll put it tables later. (Unless someone else feels like doing it for me. =) )

HOSPITAL - Lit, powered
FAK 749
AP 3170

Shotg 11 (2)(2)(0)(0)(2)(2)(2)(1)(2)(1)(1)
Pistol 11 (6)(2)(1)(2)(0)(5)(5)(3)(5)(0)(4)
Shell 44
Clip 36
Flare 10
Radio 10
Flak 7
AP 440

WAREHOUSE - Lit, powered
Pipe 3
Fr_Axe 1
AP 22

FACTORY - Lit, powered
Genny 2
Pipe 7
Fuel 2
Crowbar 3
FireAxe 1
AP 60

NECROTECH - Lit, powered
GPS 61
DNA Xtract 85
Syringe 208
AP 1310

GUN STORE - Lit, powered, bargain hunting
Shotty 13 (2)(0)(1)(0)(1)(1)(1)(0)(2)(2)(1)(2)(0)(2)(0)(0)
Pistol 19 (0)(4)(5)(5)(4)(4)(4)(6)(2)(3)(1)(6)(1)(2)(3)(4)(0)(3)(6)(1)
Shell 32
Clip 38
AP 220

To LV Success Failure
One 53 0
Two 57 0
Three 65 0
Four 65 0
Five 69 0
Six 72 0
Seven 78 1
Eight 89 10
Nine 88 12
Ten 88 19

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