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Me, Myself, and that Guy in the Corner

I have been playing Urban Dead since mid-2007 with various accounts. In early-2008 I scrapped them all and went on a hiatus of sorts. I returned recently with two new accounts; one a zombie, and one a survivor. I took a short hiatus from the game again, but have returned with two of my old characters; one is an insane PK'er, and the other a now long dead former protector of Caiger Mall who now spends most of his days helping out whatever zombie horde is attempting to take on the mall next.

Wiki Related

The Drama of the Wiki

Quiet bad, eh? (I'll write an update to my old rant that was here later)

Current Projects

  • KUND - TV, one of a kind wiki television network.
    • IDSM Organization - An organization for tracking Wiki Drama and Stupidity. Clandestine and currently private.

Urban Dead Related


  • Osiris333 -- A "madman of the populate" who spends most of his time exacting revenge on those who he believes are or promote Vince Offer and his tools of evil.
  • SirArgo -- One of the lead providers of Barhah to Caiger and its vicinity. He has no plans to leave anytime soon!


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