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The Mole06 is fairly new to Urban Dead, with 2 characters.



molestargazer - Mole's first character, used to be a medic now dead as I didn't read properly on signup, so didn't know about sheltering in buildings. Molestargazer became a zombie on his first night of life. He was revived a few days later, however became infected, and died again shortly afterwards.


Molestargazer has begun his journey and has holed up safetly.

The mole06

Mole's second character was more successful. He started off as a fire man, and managed to kill a few zombies, and got experience. However, one safehouse was not safe enough after he went exploring - the doors were opened, and he died. Now, however, he was revived, and upon thanking his rescuer, ran out of action points. He has regained a single AP and has staggered to a nearby church after being attacked by another zombie. Having discovering a locked church, he staggered to a lane nearby, but within 3 minutes of resting, he was grabbed hold of and killed by a level 20 zombie. Tomorrow he will be returning to the cemetery, and next time after being revived, resting a little before setting off.


I've been zombie hunting and killed one.


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molestargazer is a member of the MEMS.

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