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These days I'm feeling rather upset when it comes to one of my characters. Mr Kitt. Now I love playing the game with my friend, what I don't like is the way people have reacted to us using similar names and joining at the same time. Yes they accuse us of zerging. Yes I saw it coming. But the fact that they shoot first and never ask is really upsetting me. I don't zerg, I never have and never will. I could if I wanted, but it wouldn't be much of challenge if I did.

So what's been happening with this specific character?

Well since my friend and I ran into zerging accusations when we played Mr&Mrs Sofa (survivors), and never with Sugar Spoon&Tomato Knife (zombies) or White&Red Wine (zombies), we decided that Mr&Mrs Kitt would be zombies. The annonymity provided by being zombies means less zerg accusations and quite frankly a more pleasant gaming experience. Even though I know I'm not a zerger it's still not pleasant to have someone tell me I'm a lame person and then shoot me for something I didn't actually do. Playing these two characters started well, we found some street treats, ate our fill, got a level each.

And then disaster struck. I accept that combat reviving newbie zombies is an efficient tactic, I don't blame the person who did this to us at all, but in our case (with similar names and start dates) it resulted in people seeing two survivor characters who to them looked like zergers. Next thing we knew it we were both dead again. The first time I think it might just have been a regular PKer, so I had no objection to that. My friend and I support the idea of playing the side you find yourself on when you log in.

I was soon revived again, but she wasn't. It was fun really, playing against each other, not that I could do much as a level zero survivor. I did smash a couple of wine bottles, that I had looted from the nearby church, over her head and then screamed something about her being sick and not herself. It was great roleplay fun. Then came the part that depressed me. A character appeared and told me he had seen Mrs Kitt and I together, that zerging was lame, and then he simply killed me. Ok, I'm back with Mrs Kitt, so it's not so bad was my first thought. It did annoy me that he had not given me a chance to respond, and that he had opted for shooting me which despite my status as a level zero survivor. That part is significant because if I was a zerger, he would simply have made me more powerful.

So I'm upset because I was accused of zerging, killed for no good reason (he wasn't roleplaying a crazed survivor or an intellectual fed up with the stupidity of the masses), and that even though he might mean well by his actions (weakening zergs) he would have been acting counter to that goal.

The story isn't over though. I was combat revived again. Now this has the chance of becoming a vicious circle. Level zero survivor who gets killed repeatedly under the false accusation of zerging, only to be repeatedly combat revived. It's ruining all the fun for my friend and I. My character has little potential future if this continues, as I will spend my time getting up after being revived/killed and not having enough AP to break a barricade or scavenge the necessary tools for survivors to earn XP.

If any zerg hunters are reading this, please have a polite word before assuming the worst. It would really help in cases like mine where all my friend and I want is to have fun and roleplay a couple in a zombie apocalypse. A friendly word would help those who are zerging and ignorant of the rules, and those who are not zerging but just appear so because of names.

To anyone who read this, thanks.

Addendum: So we quit those characters. The bad start with those characters was enough to put my friend and I off playing them. An idiot who assumed too much and never gathered any data ruined things for us. We've decided to keep playing with another one of our couples. Brainrotted zombies are harder to interfer with.


  1. These character couples are not zergs. The ones in brackets (replacing the group) are the characters of a close friend of mine. We've been through the whole zerg accusation thing and as a result play only as zombies (because if you still believe we are zergs you wont be able to do anything about it).
  2. These are characters that used to belong to me. I gave them to other players who didn't want to go through the whole process of levelling up all over again (which is what I find most fun in this game) when they lost their own characters for various reasons.
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