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Same last name

two characters i have have the same last name. though i keep them completely sepearte will the game ban my accounts for sounding to simialer?

To start with, Talk:News was the wrong place for this. If this doesn't answer your question, try FAQ.
You won't get penalised for having similar names. You'll only be punished if you're zerging, or cheating by having your character work together. They should be completely seperate ingame, keep them at least a suburb apart and make sure they never meet, and you'll be fine. Besides, the game doesn't auto-ban people, only Kevan can ban an account. If you do get close together, you could trip the zerging measures, and be penalised in your search and hit odds; other players may also PK you, if they think you're cheating. But keep them well apart, and you'll be completely fine. --Preasure 20:18, 18 December 2006 (UTC)
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