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Sex Possy

Hey. As the self-appointed "Lead Maintainer of the NE Corner" wikipages I couldn't help but notice the flurry of activity on the club wikipages, followed by my edits. Of course my edits are strictly in a low-key "quality management" capacity, but I can see contradictory posts are being made. I would therefore like to request that, for the time being, any further argument with Sex Possy instead be directed at their Talk page, where I posted my own thoughts recently. From what I understand they simply poorly worded their claim of the clubs in question. I would also like to take a moment to point out that no survivor, yourself included, or group (i.e. Man Up) has posted a claim for those locations. If you had I believe there would have been less confusion. Then again, maybe not since Sex Possy did not realize that claiming a building (for maintenance) would lead to this sort of trouble. Then again, I'm neutral on this matter so I won't try saying who meant what.

In summary, go to their Talk page and hash it out there. Once you guys have decided on what should appear on those location wikipages THEN edit them. I could care less who controls what location, only that users don't go around undoing each other. Seriously, I have to edit all this. :P

Also, please feel free to make an ownership claim of Club Garrett. To do this you must:

  • In the "Description" section, add a new paragraph at the bottom and state: <Survivor name> has claimed ownership of <club name> as of March 2007. All survivors staying at the club are asked to blah-blah-blah (whatever you want).
  • In the "Barricade Policy" section, if you disagree with what it has been set to add a new paragraph stating: <Survivor name> disagrees with this policy and instead plans to set the barricades to <level> so as to blah-blah-blah (whatever your reason).
  • In the "Current News" section, like Sex Possy did, add a news item stating that your survivor has claimed the building. This is so that later, when you've moved on and the first 2 sections get edited at least there will be historical significance in your efforts recorded for all to see.

There. I just spent 20 minutes writing this up. Please consider this helpful advice. --Mobius187 March 22 2007, 8:43 AM (EST)

Hello again Gaybait, I found I had to undo your edit for Club Cocker. While I can appreciate that you do not like Sex Possy's choice in music or them in general, when you edit their "actions" like that it comes off as slander. If you oppose their music, or the "action" of them performing that music in that club, feel free to add a line after it stating as much, but do not make it appear like they are doing something other than what they reported they are doing, especially when it comes to something as innocuous as playing a song. --Mobius187 March 26 2007, 8:19 AM (EST)
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