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Zombies for the Advancement of Living People (Z.A.L.P.)


Rot got you down? Tired of singing to yourself in empty buildings? Want to participate on the survivor side without having to put up with the politics or actually…be a survivor? ZALP may be the group for you. Here at ZALP, we believe that Harmanz are a dwindling resource in Malton. If the major hordes get their way, we can add HARMANBARGARZ to the list of bygone delights right next to Tasmanian tiger steaks, dodo fingers, and coelacanth sticks.

We cannot allow this to happen: think of the zombie children!

ZALP believes there is another way. As Malton’s only organized life-cultist group, We are committed to establishing pockets of living-friendly areas where harmanz might run free and begin to repopulate. We do this through the use of life culting tactics aimed at curbing rampant undead consumerism. Through communication and cooperation with our food source, combined with an ounce of restraint, Zombies for the Advancement of Living People works towards a brighter and more diverse Malton. At some point, Harmanz may be numerous enough that they will no longer need our protection, but until that day arrives, HARMANZ AHM HRANS, NAH BARG Z!NGZ.

ZALP is looking for independent zombies who know what is at stake, zombies interested in coordinated zombie/harman strategy, rotters who feel they can better aid their community by not always having to break into NTs to get a revive, or those of zombie or Harman persuasion who are interested in taking a new approach to life and unlife in Malton. Interested parties should seek information on the Z.A.L.P. talk page, or on the shared forum.