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This page is out of date and is preserved for archival purposes only.

DHPD Recruitment
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Join the DHPD!


First, welcome to the recruitment office for the Dunell Hills Police Department! Coffee is to your left, and donuts to the right; they're an integral part of the DHPD experience.

Second, being a member of the DHPD is a fast, easy, and quick way to make friends and allies. In this zombie-infested city, that can be very important.

Wondering if the DHPD suits your needs? Check our Main Page to read up on what the department is all about, and read the DHPD Testimonials for an inside look at member experiences.

Please take alook at our Youtube page as well. DHPD Youtube Page


If you think the DHPD is right for you, then we want you to join up! Simply join the official DHPD Forum and post an introduction on the Recruitment board. That's it!

Internal affairs will add you to the roster and assign you to Omega Squad, the DHPD's academy squad. Happy hunting, officer! Be sure to check out the rest of our wiki for information that will prove useful, especially to newer members. Stay alive, and stay safe.

Once again, we welcome you aboard one of the largest (and best) groups in Malton!


In addition to a very competitive salary (okay, not really) the DHPD offers the following as part of its extensive benefits plan:

  • Medical - The DHPD runs very active revives for its members and allies. The DHPD can now ensure a timely return to work for any officer in the field.
  • Support - As one of the highest ranked survivor groups in Malton, we can guarantee that there will always be someone close to help you out in a dangerous situation.
  • Advancement Opportunities - We always need new people to fill important positions in the department. Regardless of level or experience, all candidates are considered for any occupation.
  • Community - As an DHPD officer, you'll be part of one of the best groups in Malton; and the beer and donuts are always free!

What more could you want? Join the DHPD today!

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