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Yama LaVey

· Active members
· Adele
· Gaius Furius Pacilus
· Lottuk
· Mortificant
· MojitoMan
· Majestic13
· Yama LaVey

Recruitment Policy

1. Be a zombie
2. Make strike times
3. Join This Forum
4. Read And Respond To This Topic

The GMT Breakfast Club is The Ridleybank Resistance Front's longest-running strike team and is led by Mortificant. The group, also referred to as The Breakfast Club, recently celebrated their 4th birthday and added their 6,000th kill as a team - you do the math!


The GMT Breakfast Club is actively looking for recruits! Our fearsome striking power and ruthless co-ordination has led us to challenge stronger targets in the name of BARHAH, and we'd love to have you along! See this thread on the RRF Forums for recruitment details. What are you waiting for?

Our Mission Statement

The GMT Breakfast Club are the roadies of the RRF; we organise tours, eat a good square breakfast every morning and make sure uppity harmanz are sharing their tasty brainz with everyone. We also have quite a good Recommended Places to Eat list. Many places go downhill after a quick visit, but some keep serving tasty brainz so we visit them more often. With over 6000 listed kills in official operations (and many more while romping around on weekends), the GMT have sampled many of Malton's tasty delights.

Our mission is to eat and be merry; we have fun. We generally co-ordinate attacks between 9am and 10am GMT. If you like cake, brainz, and the sweet sound of harmanz being dragged outside and devoured by your good friends, then we are the zeople for you.

The Menu Of Late

Past activity can be found on the The GMT Breakfast Club/Tours of Duty archive page.


Late 2005, the first battle for Caiger Mall: A crack zombie commando unit operating in the morning, GMT time, came together to disrupt Necrotech revive operations. It was quickly noticed that their co-ordinated strikes were quite good at killing people. After the RRF returned to the homeland, the Breakfast Club continued to bring their brand of early morning death to a string of strategic targets on the From Hell To Breakfast tour, leaving a modest but significant trail of death and gore in their wake. The Breakfast Club went on to continue touring Malton, reducing hundreds of safehouses to rubble and showing thousands of harmanz the way of BARHAH over a nice cup of coffee.

Hairyjim was the first and long-time commander of the Breakfast Club, directing operations from the Breakfast Club's 2005 formation to early 2007, leading many successful and bloody campaigns. In 2007, Hairyjim's schedule forced him away from the Breakfast Club and Distinguished stepped in to take over day to day running of the team. Currently, Distinguished is the leader of the Breakfast Club, with Mortificant second in charge and Yama LaVey acting responsibly when the other two slack off.

There is a wealth of experience running through the group. The original Breakfast Club was comprised of zombies from a number of groups with the common aim of stomping Caiger Mall into the ground. After the seige, the Breakfast Club became a part of the RRF, but have traditionally been fairly autonomous, spending significant periods of time away from the bulk of the horde.

The Breakfast Club's name is believed to stem from their main hours of operation — typically morning time within the Greenwich Mean Time timezone — but more recent theories suggest that GMT is actually an abbreviation for "Good Morning Tasty", referring to the group's tendency to snack on tasty harmanz for breakfast.

One shining highlight in the history of the Breakfast Club was when veteran member Bangalore ransacked Caiger Mall - the first zombie ever to do so. The Breakfast Club has had many other epic campaigns and strikes, but the destruction of Caiger Mall held special significance for the team.

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