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This page is an archive detailing the exploits of the GMT Breakfast Club.

Tours of Duty

The Breakfast Beaver Derby

After a stopover to help ruin Nichols Mall, the Breakfast Club moved on to Edgecombe, ruining several 'safe' police departments and Necrotech facilities. They then squaredanced in Fort Creedy for a night before moving up to Santlerville. They stayed for a week in the harman-dense suburb, sampling the delights in a number of resource buildings.

Bruising Boundwood, Ruining Ridleybank and Roftwood and Toasting Tebbett

The Breakfast Club provided the spearhead needed for the feral population in West Boundwood to crack the remaining harman resistance, turning it a delightful shade of red. After a short foray into East Boundwood, the Breakfast Club sprinted back to the Homeland, clearing out some small pockets of illegally breathing bodies in Ridleybank. Roftwood was the next to feel the pressure, with numerous strikes on Hildebrand Mall to help the large horde there break the seige (and the barricades). After the fall of Hildebrand, the GMT made a foray further south, staging a week-long battle to keep the Tebbett Building ruined against The Randoms.

Munching the Mall That Must Not Be Named

Having heard that there was a party at Caiger Mall, the Breakfast Club hastily concluded their Doctors and Nurses shenanigans and shambled across the city. The Breakfast Club's strike on Latrobe was the first official blow in the short-lived seige. GMT zombies then ransacked the Sweeney Building and several other resource buildings in the Caiger area, before turning their attention to Chudleyton. With the invaluable help of the Malton City Circus and a short stop from LUE, Chudleyton was soon completely ruined. The Breakfast Club decided to carry on spreading the red, moving northeast to West Boundwood.

Doctors and Nurses Tour


The Breakfast Club are currently touring south/central Malton, visiting all the Hospitals and Necrotech buildings they can find. Why? Because they're on a Doctors and Nurses pub crawl to celebrate after the Olympics, of course! Preliminary reports indicate they're kicking up quite a ruckus in Wray Heights, and given the large number of hospitals in Kempsterbank, there could be some very sore heads coming up.

Attire: White lab coat, a clipboard, and surgical implements/claws
Refreshments: Lobotomies and pickled organs will be served, with cake for dessert.
Entry Price: First you need to join, then it's a few AP each on barricades and the partying can begin!

Graaghing for Gold - The Olympics Quest

Strike team bronze.jpg
During the Malton Special Olympics, the GMT Breafast Club wreaked havoc in Tollyton and surrounds, helping break down choice targets near Woodroffe Mall. After LUE took the Mall, the Breakfast Club moved on to Crowbank. The locals were very warm and tender. For their efforts, the Breakfast Club were awarded the Bronze Medal in the Strike Team event, and a large party was held in Dane Street Police Department, much to the dismay of the local fuzz.

Back to Basics

After dining on brainz every day in Santlerville for weeks on end, the GMT Breakfast Club left the stalemate, likening the area to a self-stocking fridge full of pudding: Good for a while, but sickening after too long. To clear their digestive systems, the Breakfast Club sauntered back to Stanbury Village, where they ripped open several buildings. While enjoying the hospitality of old friends in Galbraith Hills, new members dgw, Janusi and nosaj pointed out that the Breakfast Club's restaurant guide for Barhahville was woefully out of date. So, the GMT set its sights on a thorough reappraisal of their 'where to eat' guide for the area. The tour encompassed every resource building in Barhahville, followed by a southern swing through Stanbury and back up towards Ridleybank to help LUE and the main horde of the RRF to bring down Nichols Mall and then the Blackmore Building in Ridleybank.

Pasty White Skin No More

After assisting Shacknews destroy Giddings and waving goodbye to the Horde, the GMT participated in the Ridleybank Special Olympics. This competition ran through January, with competitors scoring points for debarricading, ransacking buildings, and killing survivors. A hard struggle ensued between the GMT Breakfast Club and their good friends in the AU10 striketeam, with the GMT's experience and finesse managing to take Gold in a very close race.

Meanwhile, the RRF began their quest for a tanning bed, and the GMT rejoined the main horde to pursue this noble goal. Unfortunately, a minor accident in Marven Mall involving the GMT's leader, HairyJim, saw the first working tanning bed destroyed, forcing the RRF to continue their Excursion around Malton. They dropped in to Buttonville, and are currently sampling brainz in the Santlerville area.

Shacking Up with a Big Ball of Death

Having helped squash the Caiger area flat, the GMT Breakfast Club moved to Shearbank and warmed up the area for the Shacknews seige. During the seige, the GMT repeatedly cleared Police Departments, NecroTech facilities and other supply buildings in the area. They then carried on the fun with Shacknews at Giddings Mall, participating in the mother of all going away parties. Having had some time off to visit friends and relatives in the Homeland, the GMT are now homing in on safehouses near you!

The Fall of Caiger Mall

The GMT Breakfast Club were one of the first groups on the scene in the Shacknews Seige of Caiger Mall. Starting with smaller targets around the Mall, they ransacked three hospitals in Darvall Heights, struck the Wagner Building, then moved on to the Latrobe building in the opening stages of the seige. After several days of tasty breakfasts in Latrobe, Shacknews ransacked the building, and the GMT began securing outer NecroTech facilities for the zombie forces. The Sweeney and Oxley Buildings were repeatedly ransacked and kept clear of survivors, with occasional forays into other buildings to re-stock on tea and bacon. The harmanz dithered over what to do about securing outlying buildings, stretching their forces thinly over the numerous points of attack and failing to co-ordinate their defence. The pressure famously burst on Friday, November the 10th, and the GMT swiftly moved into the breach to celebrate the victory with the other zombie hordes. Never a group to let a square meal slip away, fleeing harmanz were chased down by vigilant Breakfast Clubbers in the ensuing chaos.

What, More Brains?

The GMT Breakfast Club were ambling through Yagoton, pillaging police departments and outbuildings, until they came to The Whatmore Building. The Yagoton Revivification Clinic, whose members often nest in Whatmore, proved to be a rather tough (though tasty) nut to crack. Dining was going well until the GMT was called back to Ridleybank to redecorate the homeland. The GMT sauntered off, wiping the blood of the Whatmoreians off their chins, promising to be back to finish the job.

Several weeks later, the GMT returned and resumed attacks on the building. There was stiff resistance, but the GMT's persuasive methods whittled the harman numbers from a peak of 130 to a mere 50 stubborn harmanz. Unfortunately, there is only so much that 10 or 15 enthusiastic breakfasting can do in the face of such numbers, so the GMT invited their good friends the Eastonwood Ferals for lunch. Within a few days of shared meals, the harmanz had the good grace to donate their building for a weekend soiree. The zombie groups shook hands while standing in the ruins, and the EF extended an open invitation for the GMT to sample treats in Eastonwood. Another victory for BARHAH!

Industrial Death Metal Tour '06

To mark the landmark achievment of The GMT Breakfast Club reaching a happy 6 months old and also for reaching 1000 kills in that time we are going to go on a tour.

Attire: Tour t-shirt available now
Refreshments: Light snacks and liquid refreshments available throughout the performance. Tea & cake served all day.
Entry Price: Just a few AP

Itinerary: TBC but targets will probably be Factories and Clubs along the following line of suburbs:

West Boundwood East Boundwood Lamport Hills Chancelwood Earletown Rhodenbank

Tour Start: The first day Calvert mall is declared flattened Tour end: The moment we strike at Dulston

RRF Excursion, 2006

After calling in the rest of the horde to Fort Creedy the powers that be decided that the whole horde needed a holiday. Thus was the RRF Excursion born. After eating some early morning bargain hunters at Woodroffe Mall the Breakfast club moved into South Tollyton and enjoyed shambling around the hospitals and firestations in the early morning sun. Since then the road south has been opened up and we've returned to Buckley Mall for nostalgias sake.

Attire: Speedos or bikinis as this is an RRF holiday outing
Refreshments: Brain flavour ice cream cones and packed lunches featuring (human) tongue sandwiches.
Entry Price: The excursion is self catering so it's worth bringing your pocket money along for souvenirs.

The Eastern Front Breakfast Rampage, 2006

Following the Mall Tour the Breakfast Club returned to their homeland for a brief time before heading out to the Eastern frontier of Zombiedom. The first target was Tynte Mall in war torn Pimbank following the utter destruction of the Human defence force the Breakfast Club found themselves lacking in the essential ingredients required for a good, hearty breakfast, namely; porridge and brains. Following their noses (with the obvious exception of NoNose) they made their way to Fort Creedy. It seems that the crafty Creedy Defence Force has taken possession of the large deposits of porridge that the army left behind and stored it all in the Armoury. The Breakfast Club have therefore laid siege to the Armoury and each morning manage to break in and grab a lovely mix of oats and brains.

Mall Tour, 2006

The GMT Breakfast Club proudly present participation in the "Mall Tour '06"

Though not following the main body of the tour, the GMT Breakfast Club is touring outlying suburbs. The tour commenced with a brief stop for light snacks at Buckley Mall in fair Buttonville. Next followed a 3 course meal at the architectural marvel that is Lumber Mall in sunny Penny Heights.

Further tour stops are scheduled and will be announced shortly.

Attire: Casual attire suited for urban exploration
Refreshments: An event best suited for the more adventurous, the GMT Breakfast Club Mall Tour '06 offers dishes of a wide cultural range. Food is supplied largely by the diversity of the consumerist middle class so user experience may vary.
Entry Price: A considerable amount of AP is required since distances between tour stops may be considerable.

A Very Messy Christmas, 2005

The GMT Breakfast club proudly present their latest production of "A Very Messy Christmas"

Attire: Tuxedo or Evening dress
Refreshments: Light snacks and liquid refreshments available throughout the performance.
Entry Price: Just a few AP

From Hell to Breakfast, 2005

On 1st December 2005 Petrojsko, leader of The RRF, announced the withdrawal of all RRF members from the Caiger Mall siege. It quickly became apparent that there was no pre-planned route home. The Breakfast Club had already formed during the siege and were now working like a well-oiled machine. Hairyjim, one of only a few pure breed zombies (ED: and dashingly handsome) took it upon himself to lead his brethren home. With the able assistance of some of the finest lurchers to shamble out of Caiger, the first tour was born: From Hell to Breakfast, 2005.

The GMT returned to Ridleybank—along with the rest of the Ridleybank Resistance Front—after their defeat at Caiger Mall. On route, The GMT attacked a selection of NecroTech facilities, beginning with the Laimbeer Building in Richmond Hills. Further skirmishes were instigated by The GMT at the Lockwood, Russel, Telfer and Haim Buildings along the march back to Ridleybank. These buildings were attacked at 09:15 GMT each time. Able assistance was provided by many ferals as well as other members of The RRF.

Upon finally returning to Ridleybank The GMT continued their raids, attacking the few remaining human safehouses in the district as part of the larger purging effort by the horde. Once Ridleybank was almost secure of humans The Breakfast Club continued its tour, attacking Bunney Street Police Department in the nearby suburb of Stanbury Village. Group leader HairyJim stated that, "those outside the Ridleybank suburb need to be kept on their toes." For the next week The Breakfast Club attacked several targets across Stanbury Village. Targets were either low profile choices, or places considered "secure" according to human sources. In virtually all cases the occupants of these "secure" buildings were caught napping, enabling The GMT's modest number to inflict substantial casualties. Subsequent targets included Pound Place School, Guell Bank, culminating with The GMT breaching the North West section of Nichols Mall. Taken by surprise, The Breakfast Club quickly killed several of the mall's inhabitants, including two of the surviving members of The Gingerbread Men.

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