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MDD Logo.png

Malton Department of Defense: Protecting Freedom

Due to our personnel shortage following the Malton Incident, the MDD is accepting applications from all survivors looking to join. Tired of being killed by zeds? Want to do something about it? Join the Malton Department of Defense and make a difference! We accept all survivors as long as you meet some very simple requirements. Members can choose from several divisions, including:

The MDD is a relatively mobile group, so you can start anywhere, then meet up with the rest of the force.

Visit our wiki here and sign up at our Forum here. Join today and protect Malton from zombie infestation!

Do you want to:

  • Kill Zombies?
  • Lend a helping hand?
  • Take on dangerous criminals?
  • Rack up thousands of xps?
  • Become a part of something great?
  • Go on "special assignments"?
  • Have fun?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, don't delay.

Join the MDD Today!!



Everything below the above line doesn't get included in the ad. To put this ad on the recruitment page you simply put {{:Malton Department of Defense/Recruitment|~~~~~}} below a headline with the group name. On the editing page it should look like this:

===[[Malton Department of Defense]] : Survivor Group===
{{:Malton Department of Defense/Recruitment|~~~~~}}
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