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{{Suburb |
snX= 2|
snY= 10|
suburb_number = 92|
Suburb_MiniMap = |
mast_coordinates = The Flambert Motel |
NW_suburb= Foulkes Village |
N_suburb= Ruddlebank |
NE_suburb= Lockettside |
W_suburb = New Arkham |
E_suburb = Spicer Hills |
SW_suburb= Border |
S_suburb = Border |
SE_suburb = Border |
suburb_groups =
{{Old Arkham Groups}}
Police = 2 |
Fire = 4 |
Hospitals = 3 |
NTs = 1 |
Malls = none |
Other = Schools 4, Churches 4, Auto Repair 2, Railway Stations 4, [[Miskatonic University]]
'''Old Arkham''' is a [[suburb]] of [[Malton]], located in the southwest of the city. Originally simply called '''Arkham''', it served as a trading outpost during the 1800's and was a separate entity until Malton expanded and eventually engulfed Arkham.  By the 1970s Malton expanded past Arkham's original borders - the area west was dubbed [[New Arkham]], while the site of the original settlement became known as Old Arkham. Things were relatively quiet in Old Arkham up to the Outbreak. Zombies normally don't take much interest in Old Arkham because there simply aren't large amounts of survivors living here.
== Resource Locations ==
{{TRP List
{{User:DangerReport/The Button Building|template=TRP Status}}
{{User:DangerReport/Emma General Hospital|template=TRP Status}}
{{User:DangerReport/St. Humphrey's Hospital (Old Arkham)|template=TRP Status}}
{{User:DangerReport/St. Luke's Hospital (Old Arkham)|template=TRP Status}}
{{User:DangerReport/Large Row Police Department|template=TRP Status}}
{{User:DangerReport/McKay Lane Police Department|template=TRP Status}}
{{User:DangerReport/Factory 13,90|template=TRP Status Factory}}
{{User:DangerReport/Factory 14,94|template=TRP Status Factory}}
{{User:DangerReport/Factory 15,90|template=TRP Status Factory}}
{{User:DangerReport/Horditch Auto Repair|template=TRP Status}}
{{User:DangerReport/Vines Auto Repair|template=TRP Status}}
*[[Cobley Walk]] (13,91)
*[[Edgell Road]] (15,94)
*[[Elder Alley]] (10,95)
*[[Haley Street]] (12,95)
*[[Kingman Alley]] (13,97)
*[[Seaman Boulevard (Old Arkham)|Seaman Boulevard]] (13,98)
*[[Cemetery 13,94|A cemetery]] (13,94)
*[[Cemetery 15,97|A cemetery]] (15,97)
=={{PAGENAME}} Information Resources==
[[Image:AquaInfo.jpg|left|75px]]The [[Building Information Center/{{PAGENAME}}|{{PAGENAME}} Building Information Center]] contains status reports and updates on key buildings in the suburb.
View zombie activity and locations in {{PAGENAME}} from [[EMRP:_{{PAGENAME}}|External Military Reports]], [[Z.A.L.P./Scent Maps|Scentoral scan data charts]] and [[NecroWatch/M_to_O#Old Arkham|NecroWatch]]. <!-- WATCH OUT: reference to left can't contain PAGENAME! -->
==Recent News==
==Recent Conditions in Old Arkham==
* '''Buildings:''' many buildings are barricaded in the range of VS-to-EHB; there are also a few buildings only secured by closed doors. To the eastern-most half of the suburb, particularly the south-eastern quarter, most buildings are ransacked or nearly unbarricaded. Staying overnight (logging off) in resource buildings is not advised as a general rule; in particular if there is no sustained maintenance from a group of dedicated survivors for the building in question.
:Also, [[Miskatonic University]] has been reopened.
* '''Zombie Activity:''' light-to-moderate, with small hordes of 5-6.
* '''Survivor Strength:''' the suburb is currently categorized by small numbers of seemingly unaffiliated survivors strung throughout inhabitable buildings.  The [[Reformed Old Arkham Republic]] (ROAR) is the largest and most organized survivor contingent active in the area.  Those in need of assistance should contact ROAR.
* '''Other:''' a Crazy Tourist notes that [[Tikhon Medical]] — which operates out of [[Ruddlebank]] — no longer offers revival service at Loweth Alley, but instead at [[Greenleaves Alley]] [11,88]. (2 N, 1 W)
==Survivor specific information==
===Survivor groups===
<small>'''Note: inactive groups moved to [[Old Arkham/Inactive Groups|Old Arkham - Inactive Groups]].  The information below can be POV.</small>
====Reformed Old Arkham Republic====
The [[Reformed Old Arkham Republic]] (previously known as Old Arkham Republic, but under "new management") is dedicated to supporting survivors and eliminating zombies within the bounds of the suburb.
ROAR has never claimed ownership of any part of Malton, but has made Old Arkham its home -- in perpetuity. The Reformed Old Arkham Republic welcomes cooperation with other survivor groups, but asks that they respect the group's standing as the oldest and largest survivor organisation in the suburb.
====The Damned====
[[The Damned]] are a new group in Old Arkham. They are dedicated to making Old Arkham a safe place for zombie and survivor alike, and for rebuilding the infrastructure of the suburb.
===Other survivor specific information===
====Revive Points====
As of 22 August 2007, the [[Reformed Old Arkham Republic | Reformed Old Arkham Republic]] has adopted the use of indoor Revive Points. [[St Alda's Church]] (16, 96) and [[St. Neot's Church]] (13, 92) have been designated as Indoor Revive Points.
'''''These buildings are to be left un-barricaded and are no-kill zones.''''' Survivors and zombies alike are encouraged to assist in keeping these buildings barricade-free. Residents are also asked not to dump any bodies found inside these revive points, as these are likely to be revivified survivors. If you are seeking a revive and find yourself unable to enter a revive point, you may wait outside.
To request a [[NecroTech]] Technician's services, please make a request on the [http://oldarkhamrepub.proboards52.com forum]. Please know that ROAR members will be revived before non-members.
====Radio Communication====
The following [[radio]] frequencies serve the suburb of Old Arkham:
*26.14 - SW-4 [[District]] frequency, which covers Old Arkham, [[New Arkham]], [[Foulkes Village]], [[Ruddlebank]] and [[Nixbank]]
*27.46 - [[ROAR|Reformed Old Arkham Republic]] group frequency.
====Four Corners====
The Northeast corner of Old Arkham is included in [[Four Corners (Southwest) | the Four Corners]].
==Zombie specific information==
===Zombie Groups===
<small>'''Note: inactive groups moved to [[Old Arkham/Inactive Groups|Old Arkham - Inactive Groups]].  The information below can be POV.</small>
====Arkham Asylum Avengers====
The [[Arkham Asylum Avengers]] are a zombie group comprised of former patients from the notorious Arkham Asylum, also known as [[St. Luke's Hospital (Old Arkham)]]. Strongly drawn by indistinct yet compelling memories, the Arkham Asylum Avengers attempt, even in undeath, to return to their former "home".
====New Zombham Armah====
The [[New_Zombham_Armah|New Zombham Armah]] was formed in August of 2007 for the purpose of creating a second zombie homeland in the New Arkham suburb.
Choosing [[the Mitchener Building]] as their HQ, the New Zombham Armah works to secure New Zombham (New Arkham) for future zombie kind. They also lay territorial claim to the Greater Zombham areas of Old Zombham ([[Old Arkham]]) and Shambles Village ([[Foulkes Village]]).
==Barricade plan==
For more information, see [[Old Arkham Barricade Plan]].
{{Old Arkham Barricade Plan|Small}}
[[Category:Great Fire of 1912]]
==Suburb Map==
==="You are lost in a maze of twisty passages, all alike...."===
-- "Sorry, ''which'' St Daniel's Church was that, again?"<br>
-- "But I ''am'' at [[Pridmore Way School (disambiguation)|Pridmore Way School]]!!"<br>
-- "Did you say to meet at the Edbrook Walk Fire Station or the Edbrook Building? Oooh, the Edgcumbe Drive Fire Station, got it!"
Sound familiar?
Finding your way in Old Arkham can be difficult sometimes. Some have speculated that time and space itself distort in Old Arkham. Most historians, however, note the suburb's long history of settlement and occupation as the reason for its sometimes disorientating urban physiognomy. Over the centuries, literally layers upon layers of architecture have been built here. Meanwhile, events such as floods, or the freakish [[Great Fire of 1912]], destroyed large parts of Old Arkham. Many of these areas were later rebuilt. Old Arkham is a suburb whose ancient, dense, often contradictory and enigma-riddled history is reflected in its streets and its buildings.
To assist visitors and residents alike, The Old Arkham Chamber of Commerce issued the following map which is reproduced below for your convenience.
{{EXP_Suburbblock|suburb=Old Arkham|
location1=[[Church Bank]]|location1_color=Bank|
location2=[[Wasteland 11,90|wasteland]]|location2_color=Wasteland|
location3=[[Loweth Alley]]|location3_color=Street|
location4=[[Factory 13,90|a factory]]|location4_color=Factory|
location5=[[Gait Bank]]|location5_color=Bank|
location6=[[Factory 15,90|a factory]]|location6_color=Factory|
location7=[[Chafy Towers]]|location7_color=Tower|
location8=[[Shew Library]]|location8_color=Library|
location9=[[Club Bousfield]]|location9_color=Club|
location10=[[Gyles Bank]]|location10_color=Bank|
location11=[[Cockburn Plaza Railway Station]]|location11_color=Railway Station|
location12=[[St. Humphrey's Hospital (Old Arkham)|St. Humphrey's Hospital]]|location12_color=Hospital|
location13=[[the Baldwin Hotel]]|location13_color=Hotel|
location14=[[Cobley Walk]]|location14_color=Street|
location15=[[Bagnall Way]]|location15_color=Street|
location16=[[Glanfield Street]]|location16_color=Street|
location17=[[Vines Auto Repair]]|location17_color=Auto Repair|
location18=[[Merryweather Row]]|location18_color=Street|
location19=[[Draper Lane School]]|location19_color=School|
location20=[[Blanchflower Cinema]]|location20_color=Cinema|
location21=[[Warehouse 10,92|a warehouse]]|location21_color=Warehouse|
location22=[[Horditch Auto Repair]]|location22_color=Auto Repair|
location23=[[Miller Library]]|location23_color=Library|
location24=[[St. Neot's Church]]<br/> RP|location24_color=Church|
location25=[[Cemetery 14,92|a cemetery]]<br/> RP|location25_color=Cemetery|
location26=[[Hillyer Park]]|location26_color=Park|
location27=[[Rawkins Plaza (Old Arkham)|Rawkins Plaza]]|location27_color=Street|
location28=[[Author Avenue (Old Arkham)|Author Avenue]]|location28_color=Street|
location29=[[Junkyard 18,92|a junkyard]]|location29_color=Junkyard|
location30=[[Aris Road]]|location30_color=Street|
location31=[[Smithfield Alley]]|location31_color=Street|
location32=[[Kelley Library]]|location32_color=Library|
location33=[[the Durston Building]]|location33_color=Building|
location34=[[Leman Boulevard]]|location34_color=Street|
location35=[[Newmarch Square Fire Station]]|location35_color=Fire Station|
location36=[[Emma General Hospital]]|location36_color=Hospital|
location37=[[Tredaway Way]]|location37_color=Street|
location38=[[Langridge Drive]]|location38_color=Street|
location39=[[Crew Walk]]|location39_color=Street|
location40=[[Clavey Walk]]|location40_color=Street|
location41=[[Rayfield Bank]]|location41_color=Bank|
location42=[[Cary Towers]]|location42_color=Tower|
location43=[[St. Daniel's Church 12,94|St. Daniel's Church]]|location43_color=Church|
location44=[[Cemetery 13,94|a cemetery]]<br/> RP|location44_color=Cemetery|
location45=[[Factory 14,94|a factory]]|location45_color=Factory|
location46=[[Edgell Road]]|location46_color=Street|
location47=[[Margery Avenue (Old Arkham)|Margery Avenue]]|location47_color=Street|
location48=[[Damon Row School]]|location48_color=School|
location49=[[Wilton Drive (Old Arkham)|Wilton Drive]]|location49_color=Street|
location50=[[Kelreher Square]]|location50_color=Street|
location51=[[Elder Alley]]|location51_color=Street|
location52=[[Carpark 11,95|a carpark]]|location52_color=Carpark|
location53=[[Haley Street]]|location53_color=Street|
location54=[[Warehouse 13,95|a warehouse]]|location54_color=Warehouse|
location55=[[Club Hunn]]|location55_color=Club|
location56=[[Brain Boulevard Railway Station]]|location56_color=Railway Station|
location57=[[the Flambert Motel]]|location57_color=Hotel|
location58=[[Large Row Police Department]]|location58_color=Police Dept|
location59=[[Bendells Row Fire Station]]|location59_color=Fire Station|
location60=[[Junkyard 19,95|a junkyard]]|location60_color=Junkyard|
location61=[[Pridmore Way School 10,96|Pridmore Way School]]|location61_color=School|
location62=[[McKay Lane Police Department]]|location62_color=Police Dept|
location63=[[St. Luke's Hospital (Old Arkham)|St. Luke's Hospital]]|location63_color=Hospital|
location64=[[Pridmore Way School 13,96|Pridmore Way School]]|location64_color=School|
location65=[[Basket Avenue]]|location65_color=Street|
location66=[[Messiter Alley]]|location66_color=Street|
location67=[[St. Alda's Church]]<br/> RP|location67_color=Church|
location68=[[Nettleton Towers]]|location68_color=Tower|
location69=[[Question Place (Old Arkham)|Question Place]]|location69_color=Street|
location70=[[Bulmer Cinema]]|location70_color=Cinema|
location71=[[Malpas Grove]]|location71_color=Street|
location72=[[Tatler Lane (Old Arkham)|Tatler Lane]]|location72_color=Street|
location73=[[the Hardy Building]]|location73_color=Building|
location74=[[Kingman Alley]]|location74_color=Street|
location75=[[St. Daniel's Church 14,97|St. Daniel's Church]]|location75_color=Church|
location76=[[Cemetery 15,97|a cemetery]]<br/> RP|location76_color=Cemetery|
location77=[[Cradock Grove Railway Station]]|location77_color=Railway Station|
location78=[[Pillinger Boulevard]]|location78_color=Street|
location79=[[Gwinnall Walk]]|location79_color=Street|
location80=[[the Button Building]]|location80_color=NecroTech|
location81=[[Bicknel Way]]|location81_color=Street|
location82=[[Edbrook Walk Fire Station]]|location82_color=Fire Station|
location83=[[Statham Walk Railway Station]]|location83_color=Railway Station|
location84=[[Seaman Boulevard (Old Arkham)|Seaman Boulevard]]|location84_color=Street|
location85=[[the Edbrook Building]]|location85_color=Building|
location86=[[the Woodforde Building]]|location86_color=Building|
location87=[[Gomer Boulevard]]|location87_color=Street|
location88=[[Howes Row]]|location88_color=Street|
location89=[[Androwes Towers]]|location89_color=Tower|
location90=[[Dickin Park]]<br/> RP|location90_color=Park|
location91=[[the Leggatt Building]]|location91_color=Building|
location92=[[Wasteland 11,99|wasteland]]|location92_color=Wasteland|
location93=[[Perryman Park]]|location93_color=Park|
location94=[[Bray Square (Old Arkham)|Bray Square]]|location94_color=Street|
location95=[[the Paffard Building]]|location95_color=Building|
location96=[[Edgcumbe Drive Fire Station]]|location96_color=Fire Station|
location97=[[Woodbridge Plaza]]|location97_color=Street|
location98=[[Club Yeeles]]|location98_color=Club|
location99=[[the Hawley Motel]]|location99_color=Hotel|
location100=[[Theobald Library]]|location100_color=Library}}

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