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|case: 29=29

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A Message of Hope...

I feel that there is a grave misunderstanding regarding the place of humans in our great zombie society. Many of you have expressed concern that butchering every living man, woman and child goes against the very ideals of our peaceful culture.

Nothing could farther from the truth, Malton.

Humans are given every liberty and freedom in our great city. They are provided food, shelter, and healthcare. They are given every resource to succeed in life, from job placement services to free education for their children.

One of the happiest days for any human is Graduation Day, where proud parents can watch as their children receive their diploma, get their photo taken beside the Great Petroskjo Statue, before being ground up in a block-wide, industrial grinder.

Remember Malton, we will always be judged based on how we treat the least among us.

Remember Malton, we kill you because we love you.

-Speaker for the Undead