The 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team

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The 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team
AKA The 173rd/173 Air
Group Numbers Small Task Force.
Leadership Generals
Goals The annihilation of all undead life within the confines of the city of Malton.
Recruitment Policy Anyone can join us, except pkers and zombies. We're a friendly group and always looking for more members.
Contact Forum or the discussion page.

Any survivor who wishes to join us should apply on the forum, put "173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team" as your group, move to the HQ in the Current Ops section, and regularly check the forums for updates and chat with some of us so we can get to know each other more. NOTE: Due to excessive laginess on behalf of the invisionplus server, we are in the process of switching forums. The current one is still up, though. New players are also welcome!

"The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his." ---General George S. Patton.

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Official Debriefing

Date: Classified

From: The Secretary of Defense

To: General Ioncannon11

Subject: Operation: Cleanse the Town

Attention All Members of 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team:

After a long discussion with the head of the major Armed Forces leaders and the President and his cabinet, we have come to a decision regarding the recent outbreak. In order to contain it within the zones already in danger, and prevent future emergencies, British officials have contacted us regarding the status of their country. They have requested immediate military intervention in several cities, including London. You will be airdropped into the city of Malton, which has been divided into 100 suburbs for your convenience with basic supplies and it will be your job to bring order to this decaying city. Revive the dead with help from Necrotech, destroy any rotters as we are now calling them, and do not step outside the borders, as you will be treated with extreme contempt if you attempt to do so. Any border crossings will be interpreted as an infected attempting to escape the city. You are responsible for recruitment once airdropped and the accomplishment of several objectives. Primary objectives include:

1) The destruction, or preferably revivification, of all undead life within the city.

2) Providing power to all resource points.

3) Once the numbers of the undead have dwindled to a relatively minute amount, the Airborne will cooperate with local authorities and militias to safeguard against unnecessary looting. Criminals should be tried.

Once these objectives have been completed, you will be asked to rendezvous at a drop site for pickup.

End Debriefing
The 173rd Airborne Brigade (Est. August 5,1915) is a combat team originally established in the United States to fight in Europe during the fierce fighting of The Great War. Our predecessors in the brigade were demobilized after the war, and later added to the Reserve. When the need to call upon the great soldiers of the 173rd again, though, the soldiers were rushed to the frontlines of WWII, fighting fiercely in the Rhineland and other parts of Central Europe. A then-unaffiliated, but later to be merged with us, airborne group was responsible for storming the heavily-fortified Filipino fortress of Corregidor and clear it of hostile, Japanese units. In less than 30 years, the brigade was once again assembled and shipped to battlefields, this time in Vietnam. There, they became the most well-respected military airborne unit after the completion of Operation: Junction City, the only major airborne assault during the war. The 173rd also fought in fierce amphibious battles against the Viet Cong, clearing dense rice fields in Bong Song of enemy formations. When President Nixon called a cease-fire, the 173rd had indisputably gone beyond the call of duty and served the United States with endless vigor. Prior to their deployment in Malton, the 173rd were busy fighting The War on Terror around Baghdad, Iraq. After being sent to Malton, the 173rd declared themselves an international peacekeeping force independent of any nations. Due to the nature of the outbreak within the United States, Pentagon officials were powerless to stop them. The 173rd hope to hastily end the war in Malton and move on to other cities along the British countryside.
173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team MiniGroups

Able Assault Squad: Able is the primary combat team of the 173rd, launching attacks timed within four hours of each other. This is also the largest group within the brigade, and new members are often assigned to Able as Trainees for instruction and help by the Sergeant. Even if the player has a high-level alt, they must get a basic skill set to advance in rank to Private and beyond. These are determined by what role the character chooses to play as in the group.

When players attain all skills asked of them, they come to a crossroads, where they can choose either to stay in Able Assault Squad as the role they originally requested, switch for another one (NOTE: To switch assigned teams, they must have the necessary skills or stay in Able until they acquire them.)

Roger That! Recon Group: While Able is busy fighting the undead hordes in malls or NT facilities, Roger scouts out other potential targets, observing a certain area or suburb until Able completes their assignments. More often than not, they will only be a couple suburbs away paving the road for a frontal assault. This includes stockpiling emergency resources, setting up a base of operations, and fighting to keep essential resource zones barricaded, or at least sufficiently defensible. They report their findings to Able Squad and, when they get the green-light from the Generals, move on to other targets. Sometimes, if an ally needs help or a bit of assistance in their operations, Roger will be assigned for the task.

Task Force Delta: TFD is for those who have proven their strength and aptitude in other squads, and is invite-only. Delta operates using X:00 tactics, striking at precisely two times during a day to maximize efficiency. They will never be far-off from Able, and are usually hunting enemies in the area and securing key areas when Able fails to do so. However, if Able is doing just fine without them, TFD may be assigned a suburb far-off from the main battle site to wage war in another area. A soldier will only be deemed eligible for this elite group if they have all the required skills and knowledge for the job. For most soldiers within 173rd, TFD is the final stepping stone to reach the High Command rankings.

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These groups have the fervent support of the 173rd Airborne.

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It has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That being said, we wish to recognise two sites. This page design was greatly influenced by the designs of Sirens and of the Lebende Tote wiki page. Thank you.
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