Alaskan Zombie Intelligence Agency

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Alaskan Zombie Intelligence Agency are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 07:28, 1 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Alaskan Zombie Intelligence Agency
Abbreviation: AZIA
Group Numbers: Not many, why don't you join to help boost numbers?
Leadership: Alaskaguy, AlaskaKnight
Goals: To study the growing undead menace and help the many survivors throughout Malton.
Recruitment Policy: We accept everyone except for know Pkers. Just post your name and ID on the discusson page and we'll get back to you promptly.
Contact: Post on the discussion page or contact Alaskaguy on the wiki

Alaskan Zombie Intelligence Agency is a new organization that needs members so join today!





Q: Why is this group so awesome. A: We just are.

Q: Do I have to have anything to do with Alaska to join? A: No

Q: Where can I find you to join? A: For security reasons we don't advertise our current locations, but if you join we will contact you with a location. (Except when we spraypaint recruitment ads all over the buildings around our temporary headquarters.)

HeadQuarters Location

We are currently working undercover in undisclosed locations.

Group History

AZIA was originally founded by a rich old codger in the late 1800's after he found one such specimen of the undead wandering the forests north of Valdez. Tying it up he kept it in his basement while contacting the government of the United States of America and trying to convince them that he had something that needed looking at. They responded skeptically, telling the old codger that they'd ake him seriously if he had a facility to study the damned thing in and t least ten of them. Safe to say his basement got a lot bigger and nine people went missing in the next few months.

When the government finally did send someone down to check it out, a year later, that person was shocked to see what he called 'ten people who looked like they lived in their own filth'. The government demanded of that agent that the whole thing be kept secret and that the man's laboratory be moved somewhere cold and remote. Which is how it ended up in the Far North.

AZIA was then turned into a secretive government agency run from the barren wastes of Northern Alaska. While there the group would constantly perform tests on the undead in all ranges of tempuratures, seeing if it had any affect on the creatures. They never finished their tests because the moment the Malton outbreak occured they decided that field tests would be much more fun than sitting in their concrete labs with nothing to do but poke zombies and occasionaly 'accidentaly' spill some acid on them.

About a month after the outbreak the group was dropped in by doing a HALO drop, high altitude low opening, landing in various parts of the city due to sudden and strange winds. After landing the ten members got their bearings and began to attempt to converge upon eachother, trying to meet at St. John's cathedral. Only two made it. They stayed wandering for quite a while after that, performing various tests around the city until decided to converge upon St. John's once again, trying to put together some sort of plan. It was decided that the remaining two operatives should go out into the city and attempt to find what happened to their team members as well as recruit new members from the populous of Malton.

What We Do

AZIA currently seeks out high danger neighborhoods and helps defend them. Or at least that's what we're supposed to be doing.

Kill on Sight List

Madlatvian (for Gking in a building with an operative in it)

Koburn (Gker)

Kyle the Feared (Pker)

c138 (Pker)

Well Dressed Man (Pker)

James Delaney (Pker)

shinigamideath (Too many crimes to count, this bastard must die)

Zombie Farmer (Gker)

QueenOfBlades (Pker)

imaginihs (Pker)

Skarzx (Pker)

xzraks (Pker)