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Directions to B-B-B I-R-C Room

QUICK INFO: server: irc.wikkedwire.com:6667 #nmc

There are two ways to get into the Chat of the New Malton Colossus. The first way detailed is the way if you want to download mIRC. Getting mIRC gives you all sorts of preference features that you can customize. The second way is for lazy people who don't want to download something but still want to come in chat. It is farther down the page and clearly labeled.


1. Go to mirc.com

2. Upon your arrival at the site, on the left side you'll see a menu type of thing. The second option down, "Download Mirc", is the one you want to click.

3. Click one of the ones to download. I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter which you pick, but just in case, pick the one that's closest to where you live.

4. Download it like you would any other program and install it and such.

5. Start Mirc up. When you get there you'll get a screen that says things like "Full Name" "E-Mail Adress" "Nickname" "Alternate" and a few other options. Fill in the boxes. Nickname is the name that will be displayed when you enter the chat. Alternate is what your display name wil be if the Nickname you pick is already taken.

6. After filling out the boxes above, on the left side you should see another menu thing with the heading "Category". Click on "Servers".

7. There should be a few drop down boxes now labeled "IRC network" and "IRC Server". Right below the "IRC Server" drop down box is three options "Add, Edit, and Delete". Pick "Add".

8. Another window will pop up. In it are a few more fill out boxes. Inside the first one labeled "Description" type Wikked Wire.

9. In the second box, labeled "IRC Server" type irc.wikkedwire.com

10. The next box is the Port box. It should already say 6667, but if it doesn't, put that in as well.

11. Leave the rest of the boxes blank and click O.K.

12. Next hit "Connect to Server". If your internet is still working your good to go.

13. Now you're on the main screen for IRC. At the bottom you can probably see the box that lets you type stuff to people. It's not too complicated. Now, inside that box, type "/join #nmc"

14. You should now be inside the New Malton Colossus Channel. If no one else is inside the room, then the only other "person" there beside yourself is the bot I have set. His name is Armageddon. He won't speak to you or anything, he just does a couple of different functions which really aren't all that important right now.

15. Now you need to register your nickname. Doing this is simple. Simply type the following:

/msg NickServ REGISTER "password you want here" "email adress here"

and then send the message with the Enter key. That will register your nickname. Now everytime you get on, if you want to be identified (you have to identify yourself in order to recieve special powers inside the chat room) just type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY "password you picked above"

That should be it for the Mirc tutorial. Any questions, direct them right here. If you find me in the chat I'll be glad to help you sort out problems and help you get it customized so that it isn't such a bland white background and stuff. I've also got a few scripts that some of you might like to use to simplify things a bit more, but yous can talk to me individually for those.


Step 1: Go to www.wikked.org/Sun.html

Step 2: Put in whatever nickname you want in the correct blank.

Step 3. Put in #nmc in the other blank.

Step 4: Hit Connect and you're in the room with us.

You won't get very much in the way of customizable things with this, but you'll be able to talk with us and that's the important part. If you read this guide, spread the word about our chat to other fighters in the Blackmore!

-This guide was written and brought to you by General Rockby Quickfoot, member of the Malton Rangers and a dedicated fighter for the Blackmore Bastard Brigade. If you have any questions please direct them to me. I'll help you out.

Note to Admins: This page has been made obscure and plain to keep out as many zombies as possible, but make it easily accessible to survivors.