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The Beatbox Kids are a survivor only group founded by their leader Nallan and named by their token white guy Omegabeetron. They are currently stationed in Santlerville and its surrounding suburbs.

For those interested, our current aims include: 1. Killing zombies 2. Protecting the suburb Santlerville 3. Making safe the suburbs around Santlerville 4. Killing those on our hit list

Check out our wiki page for a better idea of what we’re about. Our members number around 37 at the time of writing this. We’ve been involved in several important Urban Dead events, including Mall Tour 07’s visit to our local mall, The Battle of Santlerville and The Battle of SantLUEville. So if you’re looking for a group of cool people that you’ll get along great with, that has some great and powerful allies, and not many enemies (just a couple), then you’ve found it.

It’d be rad if you joined.

You can email us (, contact us via our talk page, or talk to us in game - we usually hang around Santlerville.

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