Big Ross's Bistro

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Big Ross' Bistro as it was before the outbreak


Big Ross' Bistro is the historical home of The Malton Mafia. It was founded by one of the forefathers of The Malton Mafia, Big Ross, in the year 1900. It is located somewhere in Roftwood though not many know its exact location

From then on it was always used a meeting point in which the members of the family could plot and plan in total safety from the outside world. No rival of the family ever dared set foot inside for fear of death.

In the 1930s Big Ross was murdered in the first ever raid on the Bistro, carried out by an unofficial government hit squad. This spurred a chain of killings in which every member of the team that performed the raid were found dead in their homes.

Many years went by when the Bistro became simply a family owned business, with each member doing there bit to help. Over time there were various attacks on the bistro by rival gangs and the police, but the family held out through them all.

In 1983 Don Rafael died in the Bistro by choking on a cashew nut. He was 73. Immediatly a new Don was found. He is still the Don to this day, though his name is confidential.

Recent Events

June 3rd 2005 (Outbreak day) - The Bistro was attacked by the hordes of undead and the surviving mob members were forced to flee the scene, vowing to return.

June 2005 - Dec 2005 - The remaining members of the Family travel from town to town, ever harrowed by the hordes. With no place to stay there numbers slowly fall though constant fighting.

Jan 2nd 2006 - The last member of the family falls in a midnight Zombie raid. Only the Don remains. He goes into hiding, concealing his identity and mingling with the common folk of the city.

Jan 10th 2006 -The Don begins to gather a new following. He starts to lead them back towards Roftwood and the Bistro.

Jan 20th 2006 - The famous first meeting of the new Malton Mafia is held in the Bistro.

These words were spoken by the Don at that meeting

"We were used to fighting the feds and the gangs.
We used to run this friggin' town.
But now these scum, these idiots, these "zombies" roam OUR streets, OUR STREETS!!
Doing what they like, to who they like, whenever they like.
Well let me tell you this.
They picked the WRONG TOWN to mess with, and they sure as hell picked the WRONG FAMILY to mess with.
This town belongs to me, and its time they heard about it."

All of the Don's new following agree to join him without question. Todays Malton Mafia is born.