Black Christmas Siege

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Black Christmas Siege

Date: December 10th to 18th 2007
Place: Ackland Mall
Result: Zombie Victory

Survivor x Zombie

- Survivor :
- Zombie :

- Survivor : Nuerotoxic2213 (AMS Leader), St Aden (Crimson Clan Temp Leader)
- Zombie : Lord Moloch (RRF)

- Survivor : Over 200
- Zombie : Over 300

- Survivor : Almost everyone who participated
- Zombie : Some

Black Christmas Siege was Ridleybank Resistance Front's attack to cut supplies from Ackland Mall to Havercroft and surroundings.

Road to War

At the end of November and beginning of December 2007 RRF started to move towards Ackland's main Necrotech buildings. The Crimson Clan tried to keep Barrville's and Shore Hills' NT buildings up and running, but there were too many zombies to contend with.

Crossing the border

On December 10th, zombies started to make hordes all aroung the Mall, but mainly to SW corner of the Mall. Survivors within the mall got support at the beginning of the siege when Crimson Clan leaders ordered the entire group to assemble there to protect the Mall. A few survivors claimed that the zombies were low-level, but there were professional zombies as well.

The beginning

The horde saved its energy for a strike on every corner of the Mall. On 11th December, zombies brought down the barricades in NE corner and got access to the Mall, but they were killed and dumped out within hours. Ackland was still under attack and had many zombies knocking on the doors. Revive points were clogged with rotters and suvivors lost in the first strike and Ackland's distance from any NecroTech facilities - and the fact that those facilities were down - made each survivor casualty extremely costly to defenders. This shows how the RRF had thought this mission through before making it true.

During the War

RRF didn't stop attacking even for a couple of minutes. Survivors inside had to barricade as fast as they could, because in two minutes the cades were down again and zombies inside. Generators didn't last long when zombies tried to make entire Mall dark. There aren't any records for that zombies broke in from SE corner - or they have but no one said anything.

The finale

On the Black Tuesday, 18th December, Ackland Mall finally broke apart. Over 150 zombies entered the mall through the SW corner and started to eat brains in all corners. Some of the survivors were lucky enough to escape from this horror - some were ordered, others ran away in panic. Before the day was at its end, the Mall was ruined and had over 300 zombies either inside or outside. Crimson Clan members started to activate a full-scale evacuation to Stagg & Woolsett NTs, but there was no time. The Crimson Clan retreated to Thompson Mall and stayed there for about a week, until Ackland was taken back.

Zombie activity was high after the end of the siege. After a couple of days Lord Moloch ordered his group to shamble back towards their homeground, leaving some behind to keep the Mall in zombie hands. Ackland was taken back a week later and the surroundings soon started to rise.]