Breaking News: We Must Unite

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Headline text

Attention all zombies I have news of a way to collapse the puny humans society once and for all. There is over 300 people just waiting and if they are given to much time they will march on us all. This page is being created on this day 12/11/07 to insure that we do not fall victem to to a race that by all meens should fear us. So to all of you zombie group leaders, or just strait up zombie players I come with only one plan in mind: Fort Creedy must FALL

Here is the plan we should march on Fort Creedy in a way so that they cannot escape. The only way out is through the Gate House at the front of the base.

We can do this we just need men. I was thinking of marching at about 2 so ready the troops and I will ready mine.

Just remember if Fort Creedy does not fall we will. So keep that in mind. I am going to ready everyone I can.

It is time for the rise of something they all new was comeing, "The Undead States of America".