Carpark 36,94

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a carpark

Williamsville [36, 94]

the Clayton Building Krinks Power Station Krinks Power Station
Trask Place a carpark the Reddrop Monument
Millward Drive the Mayer Building the Missen Building

Basic Info:

  • A carpark is a city block without any buildings, used before the apocalypse for parking cars. If any cars remain, they are apparently unusable.
  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

A carpark is an empty block in the suburb of Williamsville.

To request a revive post at the Red Guard revivification request query.

Revive.gif Revive Point
This area is a designated Revivification Point

Do not revive lists

  • Rafter Man is a pker and enemy to all groups within Williamsville.
  • MC Dougall is a pker and enemy to all groups within Williamsville.

Other Revive Points in Williamsville

Waller Crescent status = Green



Status legend

Green= Fully operational. Many revivors on location with syringes

Blue= Operational. revivors on location. Syringes semi-limited though.

Yellow= Slow. Very few revivors on locations. very few syringes.

Orange= Very slow

Red= Temporarily unoperational. No revivors on location. no syringes available.

Revive Tips

After you're revived, don't stand until you have enough AP (the 10AP standing penalty could leave you stranded) to get inside a building. There are no normal entry points adjacent to a carpark. Entry points which are nearby are:

  • Mayer Building (1 south)
  • Condon Firestation (2 east 1 north)
  • Lahey Auto Repair (2 west)
  • Bugden Building (2 north, 1 Northeast)

These buildings should be VSB +2 according to the Williamsville Barricade Plan. if they're not, please inform local groups.