Cemetery 59,79

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a cemetery

Kempsterbank [59, 79]

Wheaton Square St. Luke's Church a junkyard
(Wray Heights)
Galloway Park a cemetery the Sonven Museum
(Wray Heights)
the Peddle Monument
(West Grayside)
Pitt Park
(West Grayside)
Holmyard Auto Repair
(East Grayside)

Basic Info:


A cemetery . . . oh and there's some zombies hanging out over by that mausoleum. I think they're smoking weed or something . . .


Often assumed to be part of the KNW Revive Point at St. Luke's Church, revives here are often the slowest of all the revive points in the suburb due to its isolation in the extreme south east corner of the suburb, but revives are handed out none the less due to this suburb's support of the Sacred Ground Policy.