Galloway Park

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Galloway Park

Kempsterbank [58, 79]

Styles Bank Wheaton Square St. Luke's Church
wasteland Galloway Park a cemetery
Pritchard Boulevard
(West Grayside)
the Peddle Monument
(West Grayside)
Pitt Park
(West Grayside)

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.


You are standing in Galloway Park.


Dedicated in honor of the people who are thought to be the first to immigrate to the area which is now considered the suburb of Kemspterbank, this park was designed to replicate their homeland. At the center of the man-made forested hills imitating the Scottish lowlands, stands a small weathered homestead replete with lifelike concrete figures dressed in full Gaelic garb tending to everyday chores, with the namesake cattle wandering about a pen in petting zoo fashion.

-Note, since the outbreak, Park staff are missing, the figures have been broken and ravaged, and all that remain of the cattle are bleaching bones.