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Da Haterz are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 04:47, 2 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Historical Background

As in every human community there were some people living in Malton that hated just everything about their lifes. They didn't have friends, everybody was looking hostile upon them, sometimes because of their weired clothes, hair or style, sometimes because of their bad smell or manners, sometimes because of disablement or just because of nothing. They all felt alone, suppressed, mobbed - real outsiders.

When the outbreak came these people didn't see any need to try to protect themselves. They happily ran into the first dying person, hoping to get killed as quickly as possible, thus ending their painful life with a smile on their faces.

But what a shock - they woke up again wandering around as undead, even more ugly than before and still outsiders, even in the zombie world. Thus they decided to run amok and to damage everything and everybody, until their pain finally would be brought to an end by a miracle.

Group Philosophy

Da Haterz are a loose connection of zombies who are dedicated to devastation. They are willing to do as much damage as possible to all working infrastractures, as buildings, telephone masts, and generators. The main target of their hate, however, is everything moving, zombies and humans alike. Da Haterz will even attack each other when meeting in the streets of Malton and will welcome another death hoping it will be the end of their pain.

A real hater tries to do the most harm to every zombie and human. That means, they will try to kill every human they meet, because death is the worst thing a human faces. Regarding zombies, however, they will not go that far, because death is just a long sleep for any zombie. Instead they will wound a zombie to a very low HP-level, leaving him vulnerable to other attacks and reducing his tactical options. Barricades and generators will be destroyed and ransacking and ruining buildings is as much fun for a hater as it is for every zombie.

Recruiting Policy

Da Haterz do not have to recruite actively, because they only welcome zombies that really hate the world as much as they do and thus just run amok as a natural behaviour. Every zombie is welcome to join the group.


Da Haterz do not cooperate in any way. If two of them meet they will just attack each other. There is no forum and no other way of contacting fellow haterz.

However, once a month all haterz meet in the heart of Malton for "Da Great Haterz Meal". There they dedicate themselves to killing each other enjoying death together in hope of final salvation. The meetings are held the first three days of every month in front of Club Vaughan [54,43] in Ridleybank.

No enrolment necessary. Come by and have fun!

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