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We're coming to get you, Barbara

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The Dead Hand are a zombie group dedicated to keeping Barbara General Hospital as quiet and dead as possible. However, rather than just keeping the mission simple and easy, the Hand also recommend its members really challenge themselves—start new babah characters, especially Consumer class ones, wield mêlée weapons over claws, and purchase skills in a vastly counter-productive order. The Dead Hand is a way of being, not a frivolty.

The Dead Hand, on a theoretical level, reject the usual precepts of Barhah, instead embracing—for want of a better term—the notion of anzragah, or entropy, believing that the goal of the undead is not merely to unite in predatory unison, but to tear down everything and anything in the quest to bring Marzan in line with the eventual disintegration of all that is.

Those interested simply need to add the group name to their profile and make their way down to Barbara General Hospital in East Becktown. No organisation is needed, so just log in and start attacking in waves. Tear down those walls!

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