Deanesly Park

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Deanesly Park

Shearbank [55, 24]

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Hulme Park Deanesly Park Keedwell Plaza School
MacGilvray Alley Polden Way Lazarus General Hospital

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.


Where once the sound of laughing children rang the only noise is the groaning of the undead. Park is one of two remaining green spaces left in Shearbank following the rampant redevelopment of the suburb during the late nineties. Prior to the outbreak, Deanesly Park was a popular relaxation spot for the citizens of Shearbank; in particular medical staff and patients from the nearby hospital, and stoners from the local high school. Deanesly Park is currently in an unkempt state. Knee-deep grasses cover the once well maintained lawns, and pathways give way to weeds. A children's playground, disappearing beneath vegetation, slowly rusts.


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Although the Malton City Parks Department fell within days of the outbreak, the park rangers of Deanesly and the neighbouring Hulme Park resisted the zombie advance. This heroic defence allowed civilians to pass safely to the evacuation point at Keedwell Plaza School and Lazarus General Hospital. But this was to be their downfall, as the increasing numbers of people soon attracted a voracious zombie horde that swept through the parks leaving no known survivors.

Two park rangers battle a zombie in hand-to-hand combat