Denham Park

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Denham Park

Dartside [30, 86]

How Walk School
the Vivian Motel a factory
the Wadds Building
Denham Park Alderson Walk
Dorlan Avenue
Campbell Square St. Gall's Church

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

Denham Park



Malton's modest theatre district was one of the first locations hit by the zombie plague, but ironically one of the last places it was actually noticed. This isn't terribly surprising when one considers the large amounts of make-up employed by the average theatrical troupe.

The Denham Players, one such troupe, were performing the hit musical Zombie Prom at an outdoor theatre in Darkside's Denham Park. As their run entered its third week, they noticed audience members dressing as the eponymous creatures. Ragged clothing and a grayish cast to the skin were predominant among theatre-goers that fateful July night. The house manager flicked the lights time and time again as a reminder that patrons should take their seats, but no one paid any heed. As the ushers began to guide the fans to their seats, their necks were broken and loud moaning overtook the theatre. Thrilled at the reception they were receiving, the players graaghed loudly and came out to meet their fans. Only too late did they learn the truth: these were not fans, but the famished undead seeking to feast on theatre-goers and thespians alike.

Their theatre ruined, the Denham Players had nothing more to lose. They joined the undead for a time, shambling through Malton, feasting primarily on those who had denied them the necessary financial backing to rent a more secure performance space. Yet after a time, the Denham Players' love of theatre, song, and dance overcame their desire for revenge. They reconvened a few blocks north of their ruined stage to Broadway Drive, adopted a new name: the Broadway Zombies, and vowed to once again bring entertainment and joy to the citizens of Malton.

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