Dulston Destruction Tour

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Dulston Destruction Tour
Abbreviation: DDT (but write out the whole name in your profile)
Group Numbers: Unknown
Leadership: Undetermined
Goals: The destruction of Dulston.
Recruitment Policy: Anybody who wants Dulston taken down (no zergers allowed). How to join? Just like the mall tour. Add "Dulston Destruction Tour" as your group. Actually, you don´t need to do that, either. Just slog off to Dulston and start wrecking the place. Want to make more organized strikes? Go here!
Contact: Group talk page and here.



The Dulston Destruction Tour is not a "group" in the traditional sense: it is more of a principle, an idea, a goal. Well, actually I guess it is a group, but going on...

Currently, Dulston is the "greenest" suburb in the city, full of tasty Harman Hambargarz and lots of Ham. The only problem is the amount of bang-bang mans and mamas there - and we are going to put an end to it. Using (almost) any means possible, we are going to put an end to Dulston. We zambahs have, in the past, taken everything we wanted, including BARHAH Mall, and Dulston will be no different. Of course, zambahs were mentioned, but that is not all: this noble goal cannot be achieved with simply a horde: well, actually, it could, but that would require a huge horde indeed; for our enemies are many, including the formidable Dulston Alliance, with whom we will surely cross paths continually during our struggles; thus, we extend our greeting and welcoming claws to our brothers in spirit; even those who themselves enjoy living more than shambling, but still wish to bring suffering upon their own kind, and those who love nothing but sewing chaos in the ranks of stalwart defenders during a siege.

Put simply, the DDT is (ideally) an alliance of all willing Zombies, PKers, GKers and whatchacallthem with one goal: to decimate the suburb of Dulston.

Yes, we are ethically questionable, but no, we don't care. The only thing not tolerated are zergers: while some may question the "glory" of our methods, there certainly is none in zerging. Caught zergers face expulsion, extermination, and repeated BANANA GANGBANGS!

Progress Reports

New posts are at the top

http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/Parrott_Towers This is our new target. Take it down, keep it down, brothers.

Currently Recruiting

Anyone with (or without, that's ok) a reason to take down Dulston. As of now, we are amassing forces.


We require:

  • PKers
  • GKers
  • RKers
  • Well, any kind of Ker, except ZKers.

Current News

New posts are at the top

Well if this doesn't qualify the Dulstonians as sheep, then I don't know what will.

Holy sh*t we got a forum!

The Dulston Alliance seems to have taken note of us. That means we cannot disappoint them, can we? Join the tour.

Due to the rampancy of combat reviving by the sheep that inhabit Dulston, we would like to direct your attention to this article if when you get CR'ed.

Member Groups

Cybele's Shamblers-A bunch of zombie chicks that are here to raise some hell and give a more visceral definition of "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". Even though they weren't scorned in the first pace. Or at least we don't think so...

Points of Interest

In no specific order of importance.

If you are in the vicinity of any of these places, please show some love (i.e. unabridged death and destruction) to any harmanz, barricades, generators, etc.

Also, some of the survivors in Dulston feel so secure as to sleep out in the open streets. Take note of this when planning your picnics.


We got a tinyurl link! http://tinyurl.com/3ax4ah

Xoclock.jpg Punch In
This user or group supports X:00 tactics.

Honestly, use X:00. It will really kill harmanz dead. Proven at Blackmore.