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Dead vs Blue
Abbreviation: DvB
Group Numbers: <10 (Highest 75)
Leadership: Larith & Officer Murphy
Goals: Eliminate or cure all Malton virus victims. We also aren't too keen on PKing.
Recruitment Policy: Join us! Read about it here.
Contact: Dulston Alliance sub-forum


-"We like Ourselves."

Dead vs. Blue is a collaboration of Red vs. Blue members that somehow stumbled onto this game. If you would like to become a member of this group then well, type our group name into your group name text box because we can't really stop you! But if you would like to become an official member first you will need to sign up in our section of the Dulston Alliance forum. You can find a link to this on the right side of the screen or at the bottom of the Members List page. DvB is now open to the general public!

DulstonAllianceAlly.jpg Dulston Alliance
This survivor group is a member of the Dulston Alliance.

Historical Information

Dead vs. Blue was originally formed and operated out of the Downe Towers in the suburb of Dulston back in February 2006. This worked well enough in the beginning, but after the group's whereabouts became common knowledge it was not long before the HQ building became a prime target and was often broken into... especially by the Shamblin' Crooners, a zombie group that they eventually grew to appreciate for their great entertainment. It was due to this fact that Dead vs. Blue members were forced to kill, dump, and re-barricade the building on a daily basis and it soon became a very tiring routine. It was not long afterwards that almost every Dead vs. Blue member flocked to Treweeke Mall where they have basically been ever since, well, with the exception of the time when the entire group was killed and/or routed by the Big Bash in the summer of 2006 during Treweeke's Last Stand. Good times, good times. Through the months that followed the group would do battle with various zombie hordes, such as the Drunken Dead and the Ridleybank Resistance Front. Often times they have had to deal with death cultist groups too, such as the infamous... DORIS.

However, Dead vs. Blue did more with its time than making enemies. The group formed what is now known as the Dulston Alliance, a large alliance organization formed from survivor groups garrisoned throughout Dulston and has since expanded to its three neighboring suburbs (Rhodenbank, Rolt Heights, and Pescodside). The addition of another six suburbs is SLOWLY in the works. Some of our long current and long time allies in this alliance include FOXHOUND, and the Dulston Infection Treatment and Prevention Squad. Over time Dead vs. Blue has seen its membership fluctuate and at the height of its popularity the group had as many as 75 dedicated members, but since then has seen membership stabilize around the 25-35's...or less *sigh*. Regardless, the group keeps on fighting.

Dead vs. Blue is dedicated to the complete eradication of the zombie menace within Malton and will assist any and all survivors where needed. Co-operation is vital to the survival of us all.

Dead vs Blue, kicking ass & taking names (literally) since 2006!


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June 12th, 2019
There is four known members fighting within' and around the mall with 1 new recruit. Downe Towers have been out of commission for sometime with no plans as of yet to clean the couch off and fire up some Halo. Just doesn't seem like there has ever been much time to do that honestly. We're all feeling a little older, a little more tired but still have a job do to. If you see any of the crew around tell them to head Northeast. --Officer Murphy 5:34, 12 June 2019 (CST)

November 2018
Checking in on things after being out of action for close to a decade. My plan is to do my best to do repairs and clean out the buildings around DT when and if I can. Is anyone still listening? The group seems to be under 10 people now so I have no idea how many, if any, are left. --Larith 4:10, 07 November 2018 (CST)

August 2010 - The New Dead Vs Blue
After the retirement of long-time group leader Officer Murphy, the group is now under the provisional leadership of Yonnua Koponen. Hoping to bulster new membership, Yonnua will be going on an all out recruitment drive to gain a new core of the group. If the recruitment is a success, Dead vs Blue hopes to have 10 members and the recovery of Dulston achieved by February for the group's fifth anniversary. Results of this endeavour will be posted as they arrive.--User:Yonnua Koponen/signature2 12:52, 29 August 2010 (BST)

With the dust finally settling somewhat in the suburb of Dulston (and the fall/winter seasons starting to set in) the group is going to make a real effort to revive itself for a long haul. Too long has it been since the group has really put forth a effort together overall. With two of the founding members returning (Officer Murphy & Larith), Dead vs Blue looks too put itself back on the map and put Dulston back on the map as the safest of the suburbs once again. The group has also released it's first official promotional video. Check it out HERE. In addition, we are implementing Urban Dead Achievements to accomplish for points to your Dead vs Blue gamerscore. We think this should make things even more interesting. Come join us!--Officer Murphy 9:00pm, 11 November 2009 (CST)

After months of heavy battling in the streets of Dulston, Dead vs Blue and the rest of the Dulston Alliance and other allies have officially declared the suburb at War. For the first time in the suburbs history (and 3 years of Dead vs Blue!!) the struggle between the living and the dead has become the likes which have never been seen in the great suburb of the Northeast. Back & forth battles are waged on daily basis with major efforts from both sides of the battle. Dead vs Blue is requesting any survivor groups looking for action report to the Dulston Alliance forums for more information. It's do or die for Dulston and it's fine people...this one is going to be epic! --Officer Murphy 05:30, 11 MARCH 2009 (CST)
Dead vs Blue standing tall along side other DA forces!

Dead vs Blue and others are resisting zombie forces in the NE though more help is needed. Survivors in the are are encouraged to assist and help take back what is rightfully ours! No ammo? No problem. All we need is a few extra hands and we can get you your ammo. Join us & the rest of the Dulston Alliance. Once we whip this place into shape feel free to stick around too. --Officer Murphy 08:59, 06 DECEMBER 2008 (CST)

Come Join Us! Dulston needs YOU!
Dead vs Blue is looking for a (more than) a few good survivors. Hoping to breathe some new life into the group we will be taking new recruits. Long time active members will soon be moved to Veteran status and entered into a new branch of our Wiki page to be unveiled in the future. In addition (though not final) the group may be tossing the idea around of rewarding members who stick around and achieve set goals that will be established by the group. Basically, we just want more people to enjoy the game and kill zombies while at it. There is no better time to join either as Dulston could really use an extra few helping hands. Hurry and join up! We'll be waiting. --Officer Murphy 21:18, 02 SEPTEMBER 2008 (CST)

Hate the Haters
Dead vs Blue (though not all of us) will be joining the rest of the Dulston Alliance in battling the bigots, homophobes & murderers that are spreading their hate in Gibsonton. Apart from this they also take things like a wiki too seriously, think the world revolves around them & constantly drive the rest of us mad with their never ending complaining. Justice will be served to this scum. Zombies are always a threat but PKers are by far worse. --Officer Murphy 13:18, 11 MAY 2008 (CST)

Dead vs Blue member sightings have been increasing and it's rumored that All four founding members are currently active too. We will have to see if Dulston will spring to life. --Officer Murphy 19:48, 25 April 2008 (CST)

Dead vs Blue quietly celebrated its 2-Year Anniversary during the month of February 2008. Though the group's numbers have greatly decreased we still remain one of the most hard working and respected groups in the NE Corner. Cheers! --Officer Murphy 00:57, 26 April 2008 (GMT)

Dead vs. Blue Expansion
A few members have decided to form a new branch of the DvB group in the suburb of Ruddlebank. Dulston has become relatively safe lately, due in no small part to the cooperation of the Dulston Alliance members. This seems like the perfect time to take a core group with extensive experience in organizing, fighting, and healing, to other parts of Malton that still need help. If you are interested in helping this new branch, please join us and leave a message in this forum. Welcome to Dead vs Blue: SouthWest Expedition for Eradication and Protection from Zombies (DvB:SWEEPZ)
-- Cheeser, DvB|DA   23:32, 14 February 2007 (UTC)

Group Rules

1. No Zerging - We do not allow members in our group to have two characters in Dead vs Blue. Also, if a member does have another character be it survivor, player killer or zombie this character must stay a minimum of 20 city blocks away from the other one. Basically, two full burbs away.

2. No Spying - Don't join other groups to get information & don't join other forums in hopes of gaining insider information. It's illegal in the stock market and we consider it so in Malton as well.

3. No Player Killing - DO NOT KILL another survivor for any reason. Well, as long as they aren't on the Dulston Alliance Black List anyway. If you are killed report their name for their first warning on the Dulston Alliance forum. If they happen to commit an act again they will be on the list permanently.

4. Do Not Destroy Generators - These are for the common good and should not be destroyed. *note - If in burb with minimal buildings for shelter than a generator may be destroyed. This is only for the purpose of security.

5. Do Not Spam the Radio - Don't be annoying! Everyone hates a dumbass so don't be one.

6. Do Not Kill zombies at Revive Points - We recommend you do not kill a zombie in the street at all really. If you must though, please be sure to check the revive points for the wiki for the suburb you are in and avoid killing ANY zombies at these specific locations. If you are attempting to revive and a known PKer or zombie group member is in line you can then dispose of them. This is the only exception.

  • be sure to check these from time to time in case changes are made.


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