Escape III

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Escape 3
Abbreviation: Escape
Group Numbers: 13
Leadership: UNKNOWN
Goals: Try to escape Malton
Recruitment Policy: Anyone who wants something different
Contact: 28.34 MHz is our public broadcast freqeuncy

Escape was popular, reaching 500 members and going down in history as one of the greatest events of all Urban Dead. After it failed, Escape members returned to their boring life in Malton. A second Escape soon followed, but it was nowhere near as amazing as the first had been.

What will be different?

I am not Captain Video and I do not claim to be. I'm just an Escape fan-boy that thinks another Escape will make things interesting. To that end, expect much trenchcoating, clue hunts, and secrecy. I won't just give you a time and place and ask you to wait there; it will be more of an "interactive" experience.


We have gotten off to a great start, with all these positive comments on our talk page. But just to clear things up, the point of making this Escape was not to force Kevan to end his game. I just want things to be a little more interesting around here, and I honestly don't care if Kevan does nothing.

Not again!

I know many people will not be willing to participate in this Escape. After all, I'm not Captain Video, and even with Escape II there weren't many members - how could a third Escape be any better? I'm not sure, maybe you can switch the radio frequency to IBed.xt MHz to find out.

To join

  1. Change your group to Escape III (that's with three capital i's).
  2. Listen on 28.34 MHz for public information.
  3. Observe everything.
  4. Advertise Escape III. Please, use spray cans and broadcast on radio to let people know about Escape.


Go to (GDg,sokayt)

Hint: Oheb.ECje.UB l.FE all mean the same thing.

Get involved

Please, do not just change your group to Escape III and wait for broadcasts. In this Escape, you'll need to get involved to move this event forward.

Escape glyph.png Escapes
Escape: June 1, 2010 ~ Escape II: A Very Escape Christmas: Dec. 25, 2010
Escape III: Unannounced ~ Escape XVII: Escape Takes Manhattan: May 21, 2011