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G.F.A.Q.S. are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 13:26, 17 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Ground Force and Quarentine Squad
Abbreviation: G.F.A.Q.S
Group Numbers: 18+
Leadership: Jimmy Winters and Roboknux.
Goals: Eliminating the zombie scum throughout Malton.
Recruitment Policy: GameFAQS Browser Game Board.
Contact: GameFAQS Browser Game Board


Arise nerds, and take back the city of Malton! Before the dead arose, nerds were laughed at and preyed upon, but now they rise to prominence against the zombie scourge. And why shouldn't they? Nerds are uniquely trained to identify and deal with a zombie infestation with years of training with videogames and books. At the forefront of these brainiac blasters is G.F.A.Q.S. comprised of the best, and certainly the brightest, men and women to survive in Malton.

G.F.A.Q.S, created 10:15:11 AM June 17th, 2007



Group Name: G.F.A.Q.S. (Ground Force and Quarentine Squad)

Goals: Eliminating the zombie scum throughout Malton.

Membership: Open to all Humans: Military, Scientists, and Civilians

Notes: All those who want to join (any level or human class) may do so.

There is a list of known DARIS members at this link: http://gfaqs.myfastforum.org/about38.html


Months after Malton had been quarantined, a chance meeting brought many of the brightest in Malton surivors together. All of them had surived by their skill, and by their knowledge of zombies and their weaknesses. Together they realized that they could turn the tide and make Malton safe for humanity again. They named themselves Ground Force And Quarantine Squad, in tribute to the forums where they had all spent much of their time before the outbreak, asborbing the knowledge that would serve them against the living dead.


Current Goals: Assist other survivor groups in repelling zombies (I hope everyone finds this much better).

Joining the G.F.A.Q.S

If you would like to join our group, please leave a message on the disucussions page, or more preferablly on the general board here. Just post the link to your in game profile, and you'll be able to join.


If your group wished to become allies with G.F.A.Q.S., please contact either Roboknux or Jimmy Winters

Current Missions

Operation: Stickling Mall Defence

Status: Active

Information: After hearing about the fall of Stickling, the G.F.A.Q.S rush to the north, aiding the few remaining soldiers, and revivng the dead.

Previous Missions

Training Day Part 1 Success

Quickly and suddenly, G.F.A.Q.S retakes Roachtown's Chudley Building. Wasting no time, they proceeded to their next objective.

Training Day Part 2 Success?

The G.F.A.Q.S retake the building, but quickly leave to respond to the attack on Stickling,.