Loyalist Spies

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This article is specifically about a form of zerging for the purpose of spying. Simply put, a living player with a true loyalty to a living creates an alt for the purpose of spying against the dead.

While related to ZKers and Life Cultists, they only kill when they have to. This groups consists of survivors that have died, and are using their death to benefit the living by means of espionage. See here for the mirror term: Zombie Spies, or 'Renfields.'


All though much less common, they have roughly been around as long as their counterparts, Zombie spies. Their work occurs during their death, while awaiting revives. Due to the near complete lack of info on precise actions of LoSp's, History for them is scarce.

They are alluded to have Participated in the Battle of the Bear Pit, the First Siege of Caiger Mall, and the Battle of Santlerville.