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The Mayor of Malton is a long-standing tradition in the city's proud history. Malton traditionally holds elections for Mayor every 3 years, and as the most recent before the outbreak took place in 2004, two elections have been held since the quarantine was put in to force. Below is a general description of the events of Malton's historic elections for the role of mayor of the dying city.

The 2007 Election

The first election for the position of Mayor was called in March 2007. It began with the gradual announcement of campaigns, as candidates for both the main parties, and those representing their own parties called for endorsements and released campaign posters. The primaries were held between the 5th and the 17th of April, and saw a tense race between Murray Jay Suskind and Bullgod for the Zombiecratic Party candidacy. Meanwhile, the Humanative candidacy was a straight race between Karloth Vois and Tovarisch Khrushchev, although Vois quickly dominated the race and secured the Humanative candidacy. Meanwhile, tension broke out as the Zombiecratic primary results were announced. One exit poll called Bullgod; another called Suskind. Then the results arrived. With 66 votes each, it was a deadlock. The two candidates entered the back room of the zombiecratic headquarters. Meanwhile, a flurry of suggestions and technicalities were called out on both sides. What happened next can only be described as follows:

David Starkey
When they finally emerged Murray Jay Suskind was riding on Bullgod's shoulders like Master-Blaster from Mad Max and in unison they declared themselves MURBULSKOND! No longer separate candidates, through the hap hazard use of duct tape they ran in the election as a single candidate for the Zombiecratic party.

The polls opened on 24th May 2007, and the voters who arrived were determined to select a new mayor. Shortly before the election began, the New Deal Expeditionary Force led by DT and the Living Exist With the Dead party led by Sir Fred unified in to the NDEF/LEWD Coalition. Although not a popularised party by this point, they soon picked up a following. However, the real race was between the zombiecratic and humanative parties. However, there were great doubts about the Humanative party's capacity to fight the zombiecratics, who had a turn-out of 153 in their primary, dwarfing the Humanatives' 61. In the words of one voter:

Dst3313 said:
A Zed will still win the election one way or the other, given who the humans voted for. There's no way Karloth can get enough non-zeds to vote for him to win the overall

On the morning of 1st May 2007, Dst3313 was proved wrong. Karloth, and his running mate Richard Nixon's Head had 77 votes, and Murbulskond only had 72. They entered the last day of the election 5 votes down. With an hour to midnight, they managed to bridge the gap to two votes. Once again, this was proving to be a close election, and worries about another draw or a possible coalition were rife. However, any thoughts that there wouldn't be a clear winner were in vain. As the clock ticked past midnight, the Zombiecratic party had 92 votes. Karloth Vois had only 91.

Murbulskond became the first zombie mayor of Malton, and the first since the outbreak. Many of Vois' supporters tried to find technicalities, but Vois dismissed these claims, saying:

Karloth vois said:
those votes are official and Murray won. Just shows how close it was, though!

The Zombiecratic Party had 43% of the 214 votes cast, as did the Humanative Party. In third place was the NDEF/LEWD coalition with 7% of the vote, and the DR PHIL Party finished fourth with 6% of the vote. Those who got less than 5% of the vote are not mentioned here.

The 2010 Election

By 2010 the city was rife with complainants. There were many who wanted the election of a new mayor, to replace Murbulskond. Once again, candidates appeared both under the banner of the zombiecratic and Humanative parties, as well as in the form of independent parties. No independent parties from 2007 stood, and likewise none of the primary candidates for the 2007 election returned to back their places. Instead, the KyleStyle For Everything campaign appeared and nominated him as candidate for the Zombiecratic party. He was immediately the bookie's favourite, up against Senergy in a diehard race to the finish. On the other side of the court, the Humanative Party was torn by a race between DT, former co-leader of the NDEF/LEWD coalition and Misanthropy, the crowd favourite, amongst promises to "rule through fear". Assuming Revenant as running mate, he made a strong campaign based on the elimination of his voter base. The primaries ran from the 15th-22nd of June 2010, and saw KyleStyle and Misanthropy emerge as winners. Senergy was made Kyle's running mate, and both sides prepared for a heated contest. A statement from the Kylestyle campaign showed that they were determined to win:

MoonShine said:
Kylelogic is infallible

Meanwhile, a heated lawsuit was held after Jorm sued the mayoral election institute for giving the Humanative and Zombiecratic parties an unfair advantage by putting them at the top of ballot paper, and drawing voters to them. The case eventually was resolved, and the two parties were hence referred to as "Returning parties" instead of "Major Parties" to remove the appearance of superiority, and all parties were alphabetised, although returning parties were still at the top of ballot paper. Jorm announced his displeasure at the ruling by announcing:

Jorm said:
Misanthropy is now the top candidate in the list and has an unfair advantage due to this. This kind of ballot manipulation would make Florida proud.

The election began on 22nd June 2010, and was set to end on 6th July. Early polls predicted Kyle would win a close victory against Misanthropy, which the ballots mirrored by the end of the month. The Humanative party had only 8 votes, whilst their Zombiecratic rivals had 23. The Zombiecratic party seemed poised to win a second concurrent election, with the Humanative party held out of even second place by the Barhah Party under Jorm with 18 votes. Over the next 5 days, votes poured in. The Humanative Party, now with a 5 vote lead at 39, was accused of voter intimidation. When questioned, Revenant issued the following statement:

Revenant said:
The Harumanitve Party are most certainly "cheaters" – but only within the rules and traditions of the sacred sport of politics. We will do anything we must for the sake of harumanity

The second controversy of the contest reared its head on the 5th July, one day before the end of voting. Two votes to the Humanative party were deemed invalid and struck. At this point, with many voters expecting a draw, two votes meant a lot. Eventually, after an extensive debate, the votes were unstruck and counted towards the Humanative effort. But it took a lengthly court trial to achieve this, where Revenant stood accused of voter intimidation and cheatery in the highest degree.

DanceDanceRevolution said:
I'd really like to get this out of the way since it's in the dying hours of the vote so, Vandalism and warned for the talk page spam. Since it's been supported that the edit warring on the original page Mayor of Malton is not vandalism, I'll give him a heads up that it's fair game for now, with Yon to enforce it via A/A (as page "organiser") if he so wishes.

By election night there was a tense atmosphere. Jorm's votes had dried up earlier in the day, and it was now a head-to-head battle between Misanthropy and Kylestyle. By the last hour of the vote, Misanthropy had 63 votes to Kyle's 56. Even though Kyle saw a spurt in support, and closed the gap to 65-59, he never caught up, and Misanthropy was declared the winner.

The next morning, however, Misanthropy issued a statement:

Misanthropy said:
My first act as mayor is to stand down as mayor. I thank all of Malton (except those who didn't vote for me, shame on you ¬_¬) for their support, but amid growing sexual scandal and the imminent threat of what might happen when you guys see the budget, I am forced to resign. Mayoral duties shall be handed down to my deputy, the Right Rev'd Revenant, who I believe has a speech prepared. As for me, I shall be taking up Revenant's position of Deputy, and returning to a grass-roots level, murdering, erecting pinatas, sabotaging, all on an individual level. It's back to basics for ol' Mis. Long live the new Mayor!

Revenant, the new mayor, rapidly announced a coalition with the Barhah Party, who had finished in third place. The primary term of the coalition announced Jorm as the new Mayor of Malton, as described in Revenant's victory speech below:

Revenant said:
Well, it has been a fun ride. Thank you to everyone who voted. To all the harmans who voted for our distinguished opponents, we'll be seeing you later. But I think it is about time to let you all off the hook....Ladies, gentlemen, assorted ruffians, brigands, and riff-raff, the "Humanative Party" hereby forms a coalition with the Barhah Party and acknowledges that, as he says, Jorm is the Mayor of Malton.

This followed Jorm's repeated statement's that he would always be the Mayor of Malton, no matter how the public voted. He can be considered the fourth and current post-outbreak mayor, after Murbulskond, Misanthropy and Revenant, the latter of whom served for a day and an hour respectively.

The Humanative-Barhah Coalition collected 54% of the 173 votes (38% Humanative, 16% Barhah), whilst the Zombiecratic party achieved 34%. The Great Blob party came third with 5% of the vote. Parties with less than 5% are not listed here.