McNally Crescent School

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McNally Crescent School
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McNally Crescent School

Kinch Heights [42, 88]

Club Veysey Pitman Grove St. Hubertus's Hospital
Burrows Walk McNally Crescent School Gane Square
a carpark St. Agatho's Hospital the Ensor Motel

Basic Info:

  • Among the internal descriptions found in Schools:
    • "Half-finished work is scattered across the floor."
  • This building can be barricaded normally

McNally Crescent School



McNally was almost a magical name in those days. One of the eight high schools in Malton that a student could test into for accelerated education, it was not the top school, but definitely one of the better ones. For those who lived close, getting into McNally took hundreds of hours of devoted study for the specialized test, which included elements of science, prose, math, and even some basic history. But staying in the school was said to be even harder than getting in. Daily, students were sent home with overwhelming amounts of homework and a 2006 study found that an approximate 20% of the students suffered from anxiety and stress-related disorders. The school's staff discredited these findings, citing its state test grades as proof that its education and students were up to par with what was expected of them.

That's not to say that McNally was not without its fair share of scandals, though. Although the administration at the school would more often than not go to great lengths to conceal embarrassing events, they would leak out. And with the advent of popular websites, such as youtube and facebook, rumors spread fast. The most notorious publicly known incident in McNally was a huge underground gambling ring based in the basement. Using stolen janitor's keys, dozens of kids would sneak into the school and set up makeshift casinos in the basement. When the ringleaders were arrested and the scheme unraveled, video tape cameras had captured evidence of students smoking marijuna and playing numerous gambling games after school hours. Thirteen people were brought up on charges, and eleven were expelled from the school and suspended for a month. The other two were discovered to not even be students of the school, but rather local thugs who called the school their 'turf.' Both of these men were found to have existing warrants, and were sentenced to jail for unrelated felonies.

Even after the onset of the Outbreak, McNally remains a prestigious place to spend the night in. Whoever was left of the faculty banded together to keep it sanitary and open to fellow survivors as a safehouse. The school maintains a running cafeteria, supplied by local backyard farmers and former restaurant owners. Those who spend the night here never regret it, as the staff do their best to ensure their guests are adequately fed and cared for. A basic first-response infirmary has been set up in the teacher's lounge, with the school nurse working hard to keep the building's inhabitants healthy and germ-free.

Barricade Policy

Current Status

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