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Metal Fox

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Currently Metal Fox is combatting the PKers of the North East. Metal Fox is currently at war in Gibsonton. Our members thrive for this type of thing. We plan on staying until the PKers are put in their place.

Based on the number of zombies the soldier has killed, one of the following ranks is assigned:
Master Hunter - 20+ PKer kills
Expert Hunter - 16-20 PKer kills
Skilled Hunter - 11-15 PKer kills
Novice Hunter - 6-10 PKer kills
Rookie Hunter - 1-5 PKer kills
Soldier Name Kills Date
Jaydepps 11 5/26/08
Office Dick Trickle 2 5/22/08
Rhuster 4 5/22/08
Pvt Human 3 5/22/08

Current Building Status for the Dulston Area

Building Status Zombies Ouside Date
Treweeke Mall 4/4 EHB, Powered Small horde outside NE corner. 3/22/09
Whitlock Building EHB, Powered, 10 Survivors 4 Zombies Outside 3/22/09
Pegrum Place PD EHB, Powered 2 Zombies Outside 3/22/09
Duport Avenue Maintained 2 Zombies Waiting 3/22/09

*Total Metal Fox Zombie Kill Count: 257*
*Total Metal Fox Zombie Spy Kill Count: 2*
*Total Metal Fox PKer Kill Count: 37*

  • NOTE: Numbers a subject to change and are just a rough estimate of the totals through our existence