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Metal Fox

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Dowdney Mall siege and The Battle of Santlerville
Metal Fox went down to Santlerville at the midpoint of the Battle. Then they charged threw it like a mad bull at a rodeo.

Metal Fox Kill Counts for Dowdney Mall
Metal Fox prides itself on its zombie hunting skills. The following is the group's ranking system indicating how well its members have done in helping "contain" the zombie menace. The current operation records kill counts for Dowdney Mall in Santlerville.

Based on the number of zombies the soldier has killed, one of the following ranks is assigned:

Master Hunter - 100> zombie kills
Expert Hunter - 50> zombie kills
Skilled Hunter - 25> zombie kills
Novice Hunter - 10> zombie kills
Rookie Hunter - 1-9 zombie kills

*Total Metal Fox Zombie Kill Count: 131*
*Total Metal Fox Zombie Spy Kill Count: 2*
*Total Metal Fox PKer Kill Count: 2*

Member Rank Zombies Killed Kill Date
JayDepps Novice Hunter 12 5/26/07
Xombiewannabe Skilled Hunter 40 5/29/07
Elmako Skilled Hunter 25 5/26/07
Ghosthalo Rookie Hunter 4 5/26/07
Tinyua Rookie Hunter 9 5/26/07
Captian Valandil Rookie Hunter 6 5/26/07
shayanmirza Rookie Hunter 4 5/26/07
Logan Ash Rookie Hunter 6 5/26/07
Blanemcc Rookie Hunter 2 7/28/07