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Mmm...Braanz! Tahr
Abbreviation: MMM
Group Numbers: ~10
Leadership: Donathin Frye & Oliver Donahue
Goals: Spreading the best of zombie theatre to the entire city.
Recruitment Policy: Aggressively seeking new performers!
Contact: See below

The Mmm...Braanz! Tahr is a young mob of zombie and PKing actors who are dedicated to spreading their theatrical take on life in Malton to all corners of the city.

Who are we?

We began as two zombie actors who desired simply to travel Malton and share our unique theatrical experience with the rest of the City. Unfortunately for survivors, our acting methodology often involves the eating of harman braanz and recruiting and amassing giant hordes of nearby zombies for improvizational ransacking and destruction.

The success of the Tahr's first show, Mmm...Azzbargahs! inspired us to follow up our activities and spread our style of barricade smashing, braanz-eating theatre to other decadent suburbs and famous monuments and locations. We hope to hit every major location, and quite a few minor ones. Watch this page for details!

Holy of Holies

Like all thespians, be they living or undead, we here on the Tahr hold a special reverence for Dionysius, Greek God of Wine and Drunken Orgies. Oh, and Theatre. So staffers at St. Dionysius's Hospital and parishoners at St. Dionysius's Church, if you see one of us come in, don't worry. We're probably just there for religious reasons.

Going on Tahr!

June 2007


Our Premiere Show! Things hit the ground running for us here on the Tahr, with our original work, Mmm...Azzbargahs! The risque acting techniques we employ caused a bit of a stir in the conservative suburb of Ketchelbank, creating bad blood between the local theatre scene and The Malton Zookeepers, which hopefully became a non-issue now that we've taken off. However, our conflict with this fine, upstanding group of citizens has not ceased our desire to bring a quality theatrical experience to all residents of Ketchelbank when we come back around for another visit.
====A Farewell to Ketchelbank====
written by Oliver
All too soon, we'll be packing up and leaving Ketchelbank to begin our lives on the road. In truth, we should probably have left earlier, but the people and animals here were just so much fun. Ever since the end of June we've talked about leaving, but ultimately decided to stay for just one more day. In particular, we'd like to thank all of the members of The Malton Zookeepers who've gone to such lengths to make our stay here very wonderful (*ahem*). We may have had our differences and disagreements, but on the whole, it's been delicious.
There's a special place in our unbeating hearts for this town and these people, and in many ways Ketchelbank is our home. Someday, we'll be back, after seeing the sights, getting some quality acting experience, maybe picking up some new cast members, and with a burning desire to see all our old friends and give them a taste of what they've been missing. Namely, Armageddon.
Thanks, Ketchelbank. We promise, we'll be back.

July 2007

Brooke Hills

Things really started moving for us once we got ourselves moving. A little late to the party, when we arrived Brooke Hills was ripe and ready for our second production, the critically acclaimed Ganna Zang, Zang! It went over particularly well at Redpath Alley School, Ryley Road Police Department, and The Griff Museum.

August 2007


After only a short stay in Brooke Hills, we set our sights north, the pretty colors and flashing lights of Bale Mall being much too much for us. Dipping into our musical training, Don put together a simply stunning production of Aag!aharma!, the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein show about the American Midwest. Our regular Bale Mall showings started just before LUE and her allies arrived. Thanks to their diligent efforts we were able to set a record number of performances. When they moved on towards Caiger Mall, Don decided to accompany them, where he organized a great limited run with only audience participation to work with. Oliver, meanwhile, remained in Yagoton, carrying on the performances already scheduled.

September 2007

Millen Hills

We're very pleased to announce that September will see us performing for the remaining survivors in Millen Hills! With the recent wreckage of the Northwest, we're aiming to cheer up everyone left with the premiere of our new adaptation of Zangahn' ahn zha Rahn, the classic 1952 Gene Kelly musical picture. Staff in the Powlett Road Police Department and St. Dionysius's Hospital were fortunate to catch a sneak preview of our new show when Oliver stopped by both buildings on August 30th. According to him, the crowds were rapt with attention, and the show's infectious nature touched everyone there. We're hoping there are enough remaining Theatre afficionados in the 'burb to make our stay here as pleasureable as our previous venues have been. So far though, Millen Hills looks very nice indeed.

Auditioning and Joining the Tahr

New! Our forum is finally open, after much prodding to create one. Feel free to join the Tahr via the forums!

Donathin and Oliver encourage audience participation, and as such, much of the Tahr is improvizational ransacking and mobs that we direct during the production. However, we are aggresively seeking new blood for our program, and if you want to get more directly involved, you can contact Donathin, the Artistic Director of the Mmm...Braanz! Tahr, or Oliver, the Tahr's General Manager either on our pages or via emailing or

If you choose the email route, please include Mmm...Braanz! in the subject line, your personal info, headshot and resume (if you have one), and tell us a little bit about yourself and why you're interested in our young, hip MOB! We'll respond to your promptly.

Come on out, we'd love to see you!