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A Zombie Group, Operating In Monroeville.
Abbreviation: Mrh?
Group Numbers: ???
Leadership: ???
Goals: Bust open some skulls, Advance the Zombie Cause
Recruitment Policy: Any zombies
Contact: None

A Zombie Group, currently operating in Monroeville.


Mrh? In Malton this is typically a zombie asking for a revive. In Monroeville where there are no NT's, it's sarcasm.

Why Mrh? Because we're jerks. We're zombies and we're playing to win. We're not messing around. If we break into your building, and you're the biggest bad ass in the room. Guess what? The next thing going in our mouths is your sweet tasty brains. No excuses, no compromises. All those long hard days spent out running zombie hordes, hiding in your buildings, building up experience, gone.

Consider it a form of flattery.

If you're killed by us, stop whining and join the ranks! You're dead now. You've got nothing better to do than to shamble around as a rotting corpse. So, why not hang around with us? You can help us slap a few other survivors around. After all, if you can't make it to level 20, why should anybody else?

We have a few perks.

  1. Watching Survivors mess themselves when a bunch of high level zombies shamble through the door.
  2. Our founding members are well coordinated and can crack any building.
  3. For our less experienced members we try to find you some XP. We look after our own in that way.
  4. Franchise opportunities available.

Jerk.jpg Jerk!
This user or group are real Jerks and will do anything to advance their cause.

Recruitment Criteria

You have to be a zombie. Other than that, we don't care. We'd prefer if you work with other Mrh? members. But, you don't even have to do that. Just as long as you follow our basic tenant: Play to win.

Clan Structure

Mrh? is a based on splinter cells. We use small groups of zombies to break in and bash in some brains. More experienced members usually lend their skills on the barricades. We advise all new members to either find a splinter cell and follow it or form a new one. We don't care which. More experienced zombies may prefer to go with their own cell.

Splinter Cells

Splinter Cell Alpha

Consists of:

Play to Win

Kill as many survivors as you can. We want Monroeville human free. The best approach to this is to kill the high level survivors first. We want all the XP on this side of the grave.

We believe that if we continually kill all the higher level survivors, we can prevent humans from maintaining the same infrastructure they do in Malton. Also by targeting individuals with particular skills we can reduce resistance to us.

Skills we want to weed out:

  • Headshot.
  • Construction.
  • Firearms Skills
  • Hand to Hand Combat Skills

Go for high level survivors first. If there is a tie and you have to choose between survivors to nibble on, look at their skills. Any with the above should be preferred over those with out. The more of these skills that they have the more they should be targeted.

Monroeville may not be around long. And it's the only place where zombies can and should win for good. So, let's bring it to those survivors.


When the going get dead, the dead go pro.

Suggested First Zombie Skills

  1. Vigour Mortis
  2. Death Grip
  3. Rend Flesh
  4. Tangling Grasp
  5. Lurching Gait
  6. Ankle Grab

Odd and Funny Things Said in Our Presence

  • An Enfernal Bohemoth said "Crap!"
  • Eliot Spitzer said "I had been hoping to shoot a few more of you, but the damned zombies will turn up at the most inopportune times. Alas. Good day, gentlemen: I hope that you are all eaten swiftly, for I shall be murdering folks elsewhere. Farewell!
    • Editor's Note: They were.
  • Soul Breaker broadcast "Sh***t, we should nuke this sh*t - zeds w/ flak jacket" from here, on 28.01.
    • Editor's Note: This was about us. *bow*
  • Brandon8 said "fucking zombies in here and not one peson[sic] is under 40 health"
  • Brandon8 said "you zombies suck"
  • A Feral Gazebo said "Halp, zomberries!"
  • Aliveman2 said "zombies broke in!"
  • Aliveman2 said "ok guys im outta here with this break in. im heading north across the feilds. hope to see you guys. let me know what happens over radio."
    • Editor's Note: When the going gets tough, the tough runs off to the fields.
  • Lt fluby said "Put it on the suburb wiki, if not i will. Hoing to jessups to get revenge. i warned people on the wiki NW was geting trashed allready"
  • Lt fluby said "Kingmeatball , how many zeds were there up at jessups, was it walk the earth or just ferals?"
  • Kingmeatball said "Don't know their affiliation. When I left, there were about 13 standing outside and 9 inside. A couple humans still alive, but they were probably inactive and dead now."
  • Brandon8 said "fuck"
    • Editor's Note: This was while we were queuing up outside of McCann's.

Where should we go next?

Maybe you can help us figure out our next target

  • Sergeant Porter broadcast "Fuck! JBPD is breached! Moving east to McCann Auto Repair!" from here, on 28.05 MHz.
  • Sergeant Porter broadcast "All JBDC members: come to McCann Auto Repair for regroup." from here, on 28.05 MHz.
  • Sergeant Porter broadcast "This is Sergenat Porter, I repeat, come to McCan Auto Repair" from here, on 28.05 MHz.
    • Editor's Note: I hope they don't come back with spray cans. I died from huffing.
    • Editor's Note Supplemental: I reckon they will have to rename to McCann Auto Repair Defence Corps
  • Melissa Kennedy said "Come on people! a safe house is 2 blocks north, and 7 blocks south, or something like that... It is called the Starr Building! Come on! This house is doomed!"

Collection of Desparity

  • Kafele Luzige said "Everyone, I don't think we are going to make it here, it's time to escape before the hordes take over..."
  • Kafele Luzige said "Tell as many as you can to evacuate.. I have to say that Jessup is fallen to prevent more civilians from adding thier corpses to the fodder.."
  • Kafele Luzige said "Good bye Jessup.. I will broadcast on 28.05 if I can"
    • Editor's Note: Keep us informed Kafele. Despair is our lover.

Those that Have Been Headshot

We honor those of our number who have took one to the dome.

Kato Junis: Ok, we'll admit it. This zombie was a real jerk. It even says so on his profile. But he was a jerk for our team. Let's face it, charming isn't exactly a zombie requirement. And when the going gets dead, it's time to be a jerk.

Sunny Crockett: We're going to miss this zed. His charming personality... That 80's Miami Vice look... Who said that style was dead? What we'll miss most however is that neat party trick he did with those hands he had. I still don't remember who they used to belong to.

Tweedle Dum: Tweedle Dum had this way with survivors. He could just look one in the eye and just know what flavor their brain would be. He used to knock on there skulls a bit and find the ripe ones for us. Because of him, we never had to worry about eating brain cancer victims. His favorite quote, "I like turtles!".

Sublevel4 2: A connoisseur of fine wine, brains, and cigars. You can picture him is his bloody smoking jacket relaxing with a nice skull full of brains. His contributions to the zombie society will always be remembered.

Existing Profiles