October Battle of Fort Creedy

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The Battle of Fort Creedy

On Sunday, October 16th, 2 weeks after the formation of the Creedy Defense Force, a large force of zombies laid siege to Fort Creedy. A few members from far-off groups, including 2-3 members from Army Control Corps, came to lend a hand to keep Fort Creedy safe. Already decimated by the Undying Scourge's attack on the the Marks Building, however, the CDF was unable to hold the fort against the combined forces of the Scourge and the Shambling Seagulls. Certain factions of the CDF maintain that the fort fell due to the presence of PKers within the group. However, representatives of the Undying Scourge counter that 240 zombies inside and outside the fort probably played a bigger role, and both zombie groups deny encouraging PKers and spies. During this siege, many Fort dwellers not connected with CDF complained that they were not protected by CDF.

The CDF was unable to maintain a large presence in the fort, having been killed in their previous Marks operation, and during the initial attacks, and with no syringes in site. Only 2 CDF members, and 1 member of CDF ally Army Control Corps were alive and present inside the day before Creedy fell. Cowboy Up was quoted as saying, "Good job to your two groups. We were caught with our pants down. Hope to put up more of a fight next time."


During the siege on the armory, many CDF members reported harmful actions from other survivors inside the armory which they say greatly contributed to fall of the fort. The Scourge and the Seagulls have both said that this was not coordinated by them, if it happened at all.

CDF Responses

Accusations from CDF include but are not limited to:

  • The overbarricading of the armory which kept the CDF from re-entering the structure after Operation Mach One
  • Joke account survivors "Eva Braun" and "CDF Bob" who waged propaganda campaigns of a critical nature against the Creedy Defense Force while the fort was being overrun
  • 4 survivors actively engaged in threatening a clan war against other survivors if they listened to CDF
  • Some survivors speaking in Zombie speech while not zombies
  • Pulling down barricades from the inside
  • PK attacks

The fact that the Undying Scourge has well-known connections with East Boundwood based PKer group the Amish Liberation Front caused many of the members of the CDF to assume that there was active cooperation between them and the unidentified PKer group operating within Fort Creedy. Many members of the CDF group credit this PKer group with have a great deal to do with the speed at which the Fort collapsed. Others would argue that at the very least, the actions of some of the survivors within the fort were unhelpful.

This assumption by the CDF was in fact incorrect. The ALF did not have anything to do with the attack on Fort Creedy, and the zombies of the Undying Scourge were playing by both the rules and the spirit of the game. This is not true of all the groups that participated in this attack, but it is true of the Scourge.

The Undying Scourge Response

The Undying Scourge vehemently denies that they used either PKers or spies on this campaign.

In the opinion of The Undying Scourge, CDF's claims are little more than spiteful accusations, and certainly lacking in evidence. The Scourge credits the quick fall of the fort to previous successes against the CDF in battles for support buildings such as the one for the NecroTech owned Marks Building which severely reduced their numbers, poor strategic planning by taking refuge in a historically vulnerable fort, poor tactical planning and execution by the large and uncoordinated group of humans inside the fort each acting in his or her own self interest, and of course the combined 200+ horde of The Undying Scourge, Shambling Seagulls, and numerous feral zombies.


CDF would like to officially apologize for any aspersions cast on the Undying Scourge. We now know a bit more about our spies; the Undying Scourge were just unlucky enough to have been caught in the same battle as them.


CDF believes the true culprits in this battle's controversy were the Shambling Seagulls, aka the Jamoombahadeen. These players continue to refuse to take responsibility for their actions, despite evidence found by CDF on their boards while trying to expel their spies from their private group forum. These players allowed the Undying Scourge to take the heat for the things that they had done: spies, alts, saboteurs and PKers involved in the battle. While they claim that these are not facets of cheating, CDF takes hiding the fact that they had done this to show either that they were ashamed of what they had done or that they believed the rest of Urban Dead would believe that these types of actions were cheating.

Shambling Seagull Response

However, the Shambling Seagulls would like to remind the ignoramuses of the CDF that the more they persist with their bullshit on their Wiki, the shorter the patience of the Seagulls grows. The Shambling Seagulls and the Jamoombhadeen are separate groups, and only a shelf stacker could possibly come to any other conclusion. This perpetual slander grows tiresome.

Cowboy Up's Response

I would like to remind the Seagulls that our Wiki was being constantly edited. Who was editing it exactly was unknown. I would also like to remind them that if I indeed made a group which one of your men so kindly named the "Cowboy Defense Farce", in which the people who play our CDF characters, made other sets of characters to attack the Seagulls... Who would you hold responsibile? The shadow "Cowboy Defense Farce" or the bigger, Creedy Defense Force? Regardless of the answer, it doesnt matter. What matters is that your men, who mainly represent the Seagulls, were caught doing things in which neither of our groups agree with. You may claim no responsibility all you want, but I bet you want to give full responsibility to me and the rest of the CDF for Dragon's hunting of the Jamoomba. We will just pretend Melinbone doesnt control the Marco Characters, or Eva Brauns Sister, or Blondi. But I am always seen as the whiney "Nazi Dictator." with a bunch of Multis... INCLUDING Akin, who is a high level, older character than me who actively talks to me through our public and private boards. Please look inwards before shouting claims at me and my men. In any case, this is November. October is in the past. Im over it, you should be too. Thank you.

P.S. - FKRuger asked me to keep the personal nature of our lives out of the wikis. That includes me being a "Shelf Stacker." I am not ashamed that I have to work for my money, regardless of how crappy my job is, so I will not edit it. I just ask that you do not try and slander someone else.

Oh, and as for my "Military Prowess" I dont claim to have any. I'm not Ex-Military. I have never personally been in a zombie appocolypse... I don't particually like being slammed everytime a zombie shows up at my doorstep. It seems alot of people keep saying, "I abandoned Creedy when it was under attack." I died at Marks. I walked back to Creedy without Lurching. I even tried to attack as a bloody zombie. I was dead, my men were dead, and we were locked outside. I can't defend as a level one zombie, and my NTs can't heal without syringes. As for not planning well enough for Marks, say what you will. I had promises for 60 people coming to aide, and more in the morning via sweeper teams. What did I get? 30. Period. No sweeper teams. No relief for the couple days we held the building. We were out of ammo, out of heals, and attacked in the dead of night when we were sleeping. Should I have retreated? Probably. But I'm sure I would take heat for that too. I had 7 AP when the attack came in. That was all used in the barricades to allow 3 more of my men to get out safely before they were torn down again. As for boasting about the attack, yes. I did. I boasted because my 30 men (including a handful of low levels and randoms from Creedy) emptied Marks, the street in front, barricaded themselves in and kept the attacks at bay for about 2 days. It might have not been a major win, but it was a stand. God forbid humans don't hide in libraries. GET OFF YOUR KICK ABOUT CREEDY.